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Has it ever happened to you so that, feeling a great desire to do something or buy something, you regularly wake up at night with this idea, unable to think of anything else? And have you noticed that these events usually end with the execution of your wishes? And when you are thinking about it, do not you think that the kind of power that exists in you, wakes you up in order to allow you to reiterate my desire. I've always thought so, and on three different occasions I did purchase something that seemed completely impossible to watch daytime consciousness. Put the experience for yourself, and you will see my right. Consider the following example.

A man named Brown wants to raise the salary. He had long wanted to, but is afraid to refer the matter to his employer. Brown wakes up at night with the thought: "More money." Here he lies in bed and tells himself that he would go to the boss and told him his request. But the day comes, and it will change him. When Brown recalls the decision adopted at night, it appears to him in the highest degree absurd But the next night he wakes up again and thinking the same thing. He is very calm and sleepy, and his intention to again think it is reasonable and doable.

We all felt like. We thought we had planned, to make decisions in the night and in the morning to themselves surprised.

The will, which manifests itself in us in the night, it is a passive will. It is highly active, with her help, we are building at night their castles in the air It's called passive, because at the time of its action, we are in a passive state. The other is called the active will, since the day we act and think actively. Passive will - the will of the imagination, but very strong and far-reaching in their desires.

Here is another example showing the difference between passive and active will. As we shall see, it is very important for astral projection. I remember that when I was a boy, my older brother had a gun. I've always wanted to tell her friends that shot it. The neighbor boy once told me that if I shoot this gun, the recoil will knock me off my feet and volunteered to attend this. I pretended that I can shoot, but in my heart was terrified response force of impact. At night I woke up and realized how shoot a gun, determined that the day I will. But the next day all my resolve disappeared somewhere. So, if my will was active as strong as passive, I would not hesitate in his decision.

Of course, we can say that the active and passive will pass into one another. However, in order to astral projection, we consider them separately. You undoubtedly know that the passive act will not only at night: it can act in the waking hours, and with the active will. For example, a person can perform the action dictated by the active will, and at the same time feel a resistance to the will of the other, wanting something else.


Passive will participate in our day-dreams. However, the elements of fantasy, imagination, here there is much more than an element of will. However, we can not wish for and fantasizing. When we go into the night in their desire - to those that day seemed absurd and impracticable, and now appear to us in a different light - we are laying in your subconscious mind heavy duty experience.

Remember that the subconscious mind accepts all suggestions seriously, regardless of its source using passive you will impress upon the subconscious mind is very deep suggestion, much deeper than the active suggestions will. You might say, "You want us to believe that the projections can be achieved by mere dreams?" In a sense this is true, although I do not believe that there is one valid imagination. I believe in a passive will, the will of the imagination, which can cause an astral projection. Because the subconscious mind takes absolutely everything suggestion, it responds to the suggestions and passive will.

But let's get back to Brown, who dreams to get a raise. If he would still continue their vigil, it will eventually act and reality. By the same token, you can call astral projection, so you'll wake up in the night with an intense desire to be projected with the same desire to fall asleep again. So did I, when waking up at night in two hours. I said to myself: "I will be projected, keeping the mind from the very beginning ... I have not turned it on purpose, but now I can make it again. I am going to such and such a place, "and so on. My imagination I saw at the time as an absolute reality. I confess that the day I changed my will. My desires were accompanied by cautious "maybe" and I doubted the success. So, I finally realized that the passive will much more active and can imprint in the subconscious mind of the most incredible suggestion. And although I have noticed that for a few nights prior to the conscious projection, I woke up at the same time and thought only of the projection, the projection of the real reason, conscious from the outset, it became clear to me after a few years I know now that in during these vigils I used a passive mind, dinamiziruya already existing desire. "Stress" this desire to wake me up at night, and my passive will further amplify it, thereby preparing me for projection. If the 'stress' desire wakes you at night, it means that he is strong enough to cause the projection of the astral body without increasing its passive will; guided use of passive faith in times of night waking further increases the "stress" and can lead to the projection, conscious from the beginning. The result of the strong "stress" the desire to be one of the three - it would wake the subject, make him somnambulirovat physically or cause the projection of the astral body

I have no hesitation saying that the passive will in the astral projection of the body is one of the great secrets you can call it by simple imagination, but it is not entirely accurate. Rather, it is imagination plus the will fulfill the desires of the imagination Passive will never use force, because in that case it will turn into an active will. You just have to have a strong desire to be projected. Try to wake up at a certain hour at night, and if your desire is strong enough projection, your passive will be directed to act. No effort need not be applied, you just have to surrender your imagination Do this for a few nights and you will soon witness a curious phenomenon!
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