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Astral Projection TO WATER

During my experiments with lust I got the following: near my house there is a wooded hill, at the foot of which flows a stream, a place I now see from the window. To reach there, you have to cross the road, walk a quarter of a mile along the bank of the river to the bridge, cross the bridge and a little walk along the railway line. I used to walk down to the stream and used to sit beside him. I really liked the taste of its water, and sometimes I just go there to have a drink.

So, one afternoon I took the jar and went down to the creek for water. Before going to bed I filled a glass of water and put it in the sink in the kitchen (I always put water there). For twenty minutes I looked at the glass, intending it to be projected at night. But instead I came to consciousness by the stream! The astral body was past the sink, past the river and stopped at a stream. Dreams, usually preceding the return to consciousness, was not. I believe that it is desirable to have a dream, as it provides a smooth transition to consciousness. Sharp is the revival scary.

CONSCIOUS of astral projection cases are rare

Rarely does such a projection that would have been conscious from the beginning to the end. I know this not only from my own experience, but from the experience of others. Most descriptions of astral projection from the moment when the subject finds himself in a new body, that is, when he was projected by some distance from the physical body, beyond the activity of the cord. Some claim to know how they get there, others openly admit to my ignorance. Always struck me one thing: why, if this method is known not to tell others about it? To me, he was known for a long time, and I believe that others too. But when I became interested in literature on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that the way to achieve astral projection is not known at all. It's easy to say that this kind of information harmful to the people that they lead to tragic consequences. I am convinced that this silence is explained by a simple lack of knowledge.

It also assures that a fully conscious projection is very rare. As we already know, the mind turns after the astral body from the physical. And I must say that this is the best way, because it avoids some of the unpleasant sensations that occur in the area of ​​activity of the cord. However, I called a projection (conscious from the beginning) several times and several times had the same spontaneous. You remember that my first projection was conscious from the beginning. In all cases, it started after a few hours of sleep. I usually wake up between 1-4 o'clock in the morning, and the astral body started to rise again as I sank into sleep. Sometimes the most advanced in the first projection of the trance state, after waking up.

Trance two - one accompanied by a revival, both preceded by immersion in a dream. In the first case, the subject wakes up slowly, not knowing where he was, and at the same time knowing that somewhere there. Close your eyes and your ears and you will have an idea of ​​the state, the previous projection. Then the mind a little clearer, and the subject had not yet seeing or hearing, understand what lies on the bed. In the back of his head felt clear ripple. This is often the first sense of the subject. Finally he realizes that he can not move, and if he wishes to call a projection must lie still and imagine how it rises into the air. This should be done without strain. First, the subject feels as if weighing a ton, if it is glued to the bed. Finally feeling the glued disappears and is replaced by a sense of floating, like a balloon - and the subject begins to rise. At this point, should completely surrender to joy lifting and think only about how to climb higher.

As a rule, the subject does not leave the cataleptic state until the activity will go beyond the cord, but sometimes it happens. The horizontal position is always accompanied by a cataleptic state. While activity within the cord, the subject constantly feels the pulse in the neck. Generally speaking, here the subject feels very awkward: complete freedom, a sense of vitality and extraordinary lightness possible only outside the cord. Most people who experience a conscious projection, come to mind outside activity cord. A typical start of the story is this: "Once again, I was out of my body and felt a kind of freedom that can not be put into words." This is the most desirable type of conscious projection.

Note that if the projection starts in a trance state (which coincides with the moment of awakening), the subject feels the separation of the two bodies. When the projection starts during the first trance state (corresponding to immersion in a dream), the division takes place almost imperceptibly. First of all, hearing is restored, although in a moment sounds seem very remote. His vision blurred, as if enveloped in a whitish haze. Then everything becomes clear. During the decomposition of bodies comes a time when the mind becomes clouded, and then again becomes clear. I came across this phenomenon every time. Consciousness fades away just for a moment, like a light bulb, and it is difficult to retain. Remember that this is happening in the rest area, very close to the physical body.

To achieve a fully conscious projection - an extremely difficult task, and usually attempts end in failure, because not everyone is able to achieve a state of very deep physical inactivity and absolute tranquility. Many people tend to wake up early in a state of so-called night palsy, which is the cataleptic state of the astral body. At this point, the easiest to cause a projection, it depends only on the corresponding suggestion and tranquility. I noticed that a fully conscious projection most often occurs after a few hours of sleep, sometimes in the morning - at 6 or 7 hours. As a rule, I always woke up suddenly at the same time for about a week, and finally, after one of these awakenings I turned astral projection. Or, I started waking up every night for about two hours (for 6 days) and after spending 15 minutes with no sleep, fall asleep again. Then comes the day when I woke up the same way and projected - before the full awakening or before plunging into sleep.
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