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Vladimir K. writes  
  some, it may seem like just nonsense. Well, well, I will not argue. However, I have experienced a variety of feelings which, for me, was not nonsense. In this regard, I have decided to share these feelings with someone who cares.
  crux of the matter is that, after reading a magazine article describing the method of entering into a certain state, which was called "Imago", I tried to take advantage of the proposed methodology and to achieve this state. In this state, according to the author, the person gets the opportunity to travel in space and time with his consciousness. After spending the appropriate action according to the procedure, I plunged into a state which did at least as celebrated my mind, made ​​it possible to freely watch any event in space and time, like from the outside, and in my desire to take a participate. From the beginning, I tried to observe the Earth from the bird's flight, gradually moving beyond the atmosphere into space. No effort was required from me, everything happened easily isvobodno and I "went" to our nearest star system - Proxima Centauri. Now I do not remember, this was a few years ago - Proxima has one planet pretty massive. Then I went to Sirius and watched a triple system izzvezd orbiting a common center of mass. One of the stars, the smallest, but most likely, the most difficult to revolve around a common center of mass with the greatest speed and it takes place in such a way that the orbits of the other two stars almost undisturbed.
  All of my travel in space as it happened in the tunnel of weakly illuminated rings continuously into each other. All the movements are taking place rapidly. In my opinion, the move did not depend on the distance at which I moved, somehow significantly. I just had time to realize that move around in the tunnel. During the move, I did not feel anything except themselves and the tunnel and after a while I turned out to be in the right place. So I visited and Mars. I approached it from space, gradually passing atmosphere even remember there was some slight cloudiness, I was above the surface at the height of bird flight. I turned over some village consisting of houses, very neat in appearance, around which, in large numbers, flowers grew. Homes located along a very smooth neat streets. On one of them, obviously central, moving procession of people dressed in black clothing is very loose-fitting. That, at least, it seemed to me at first sight. I began to approach the procession, sinking lower and lower. Close enough, I saw that these people dress pretty strange, resembling the skin of bats, such as membranous wings. I felt them, even to the touch, but not touching them. They were perfect, the same as the skin of bats - velvety and tender to the touch.   
   A man walking in front of the procession, raised his head and looked at me as far as my approach to it. I should point out that his attention, I felt almost as soon as he saw this procession, and only now, our attention was drawn to one another. After a moment in front of me there was absolutely no transparent mist, gradually turned into a dark shimmering sparkles. But the darkness was not the darkness of space, it was something completely different, like an impenetrable shield. In this sparkling dark eyes gradually emerged, looking at me as if with interest. This means that these eyes have seen me as a whole, but from the inside me. I'm more of these eyes could not penetrate, but still, I felt this man, who was looking at me. But apparently not his body, but as he was. Fear did not exist. I think I just did not feel it too, although I can not for himself, I was just laid back and friendly. I also studied with interest the look and got the silent question - "What are you doing here?" This has strengthened my belief that I just do not feel it. The question was good-natured. Yet, after some time, his eyes are gone, leaving only a sparkling mist. All my attempts to break through the darkness of this sparkling, failed. This concludes my first experiments.
  Subsequently, I have traveled a lot in space, but to me the way on Mars so more and failed. When my attempts to follow there, once there is this sparkling dark fog. Now I do not travel though, it seems to me, could have done it at any time. I lost interest. Simple observation will eventually get bored. But some reason there is no spiritual participation ever since, when I spoke with a man from Mars. Obviously, he put a barrier that I can not overcome. Apparently, at least I think so, this barrier is not installed with the purpose to prevent me to know something, and to protect me from something. Obviously, I got into some area of life in which I still do not have access. At least, such is my impression.
  PS ponder these feelings and experiences, but I kept going back to them, I begin to understand or know that Astral available to us as if in two guises - the spatial and spiritual Astral Astral. That, at least, I see it. Of course, these terms are relative, but, however, is how it can be described. In the spatial Astral movements occur, and they are perceived as moving. Rapid, almost instantaneous, but the move. When you exit the same in the spiritual movement Astral no no, at least, they are not perceived as moving. You just come in contact with something in the Astral. Moreover, this contact can be either external - a view from the outside, and inside - the feeling inside the object of your attention, you would realize how this object. So "simple" objects of the World are available for such contact. But there is a "difficult" objects that can resist your penetration, or you are still not prepared internally to ensure that this is done. No violence here is not admissible! You can meet an aggressive fight back, the consequences of which I do not presume to say anything. You must be spiritually prepared for such contacts, and then they happen quietly. So, I think it was with the man - he did not let in any sphere of spiritual perception. And I confess, my attempts were insistent they had no new aggression, they were friendly, but pushy. I am now ashamed to think that I saw it as my eyes in a fog. Otherwise he would not have asked me what I want here, he would have felt it. I have the same specific purpose was not, I was just experimenting, so he just did not let me to them.    answer:   History, suggested Vladimir, really is of great value both in terms of knowledge of the astral plane, and from the conclusions that we can make out of it . In principle, it is sufficiently commented upon by the author and I am largely in agreement with it, but some things still stand out.   When the author wrote about the attitude towards history as a nonsense, obviously, meant the perception of readers descriptions of life on Mars . Indeed, it is well known that on this planet there is no life. But the material! It is quite possible that the islands of the spiritual life may exist in the universe. Therefore, no skepticism, this should not cause.   I would not share the Astral with respect to the subjective perception. We have come to know it as a whole, spiritual, eternal, undivided space, independent of our perception of and attitude towards it. And if we talk about the properties of movement and mode of action in the Astral, then most likely it will be to characterize the properties of the astral body, not the Astral as space.   Writes Andrew:   I had a regular sleep. Now almost do not remember. I remember the only way. I run, and then someone from the right side, insistent voice says to me    - Wake up! I opened my eyes. Night. I was lying, but somehow hard dvigatsya.Tut feel that something is holding me by the shoulders and above anything shevelitsya.Podymayu head and I see behind my head swirling dark-gray smoke and forms a human-like creature with long arms held me by the shoulders , with his hands deep penetrated into my body, it feels that it holds my shoulder bone. 
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