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 Demons as souls do not live in the astral plane, ie, do not have permanent residence there. Astral for them - a transit space, but to carry out the demons from the body can more successfully than the astral body shower heaven. And if the output you can see, no matter where it was, near himself or other people, entities who commit violent acts against the physical body, jump, or easily in and out of it, you know that before you - the demons. They can not move from one person to another, but can dopekat torment. Moreover, the demons have the power to call for his help other demons and spirits, thus accelerating, slipping into the maelstrom of human sin. Around these people reigns sharply negative energy caused by the presence of demons and spirits. And if you do not resist evil, eventually weakening power, and hence the protection of other people, with all the ensuing consequences.
  Finally, I will say that the demons, depending on the program can be divided into certain categories.
 1. Demons - killer.   
 Settling in the human body, seize arms and legs. Dictate the obsessive thoughts of murder, suicide, alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc., all that can later lead to the death of a man in sin. At the right moment they take possession of his body, and it will not stop.
 2. Demons - tormentors.
 Attaches to the organs and systems of the body and lowering their energy, causing the disease, largely incurable and uncertain diagnosis. The purpose of the following - a sum of human suffering to dissatisfaction with life and renunciation of God.  
 3. Demons - informants.
 attachable to the head, including to the third eye, tongue, and hands. These demons have access to information about the past and the future, and are able to open a channel of clairvoyance, showing there is only what is profitable for them. For those who have the channel is open, I want to tell you how to discern how God's gift of clairvoyance, of the devils. From the width of the channel. If the channel is narrow, approximately 5 cm and you are experiencing discomfort in the forehead - it is an alarming signal.
  these demons, also dictate the thoughts or "they say in my head," posing partially true information, mainly in the part of it that is not has no value, bribing these many. I can safely say that all the soothsayers, fortune-tellers, "seers", as well as the vast number of psychics - people possessed by demons, such informants. And every person who accesses such services, takes a sin as seeking help is not in God, and demons.
  Generally, the proposed division is very conditional. Evil is a very fast track changes as a person and in the environment.
  A small example. Bes, possessing human consciousness led to his death on the path of addiction. The case, like, made, and the triumph of evil - only a matter of time. But suddenly, he met representatives of one of the Protestant churches and invite yourself. And lo and behold, the first time he spoke, the so-called "other language" - the language of devils, and the craving for drugs disappeared. But there was a craving for visiting demonic orgies. Moreover, he became a preacher there.
  Baker Story This is so typical that I guarantee you that in every city where there are Protestants, it will tell you and show you the preachers - former drug addicts. But what's really going on, on a spiritual level? Almost killing a drug addict, the devil is in great power and full control of all the thoughts and human actions. But in the case of death would receive compensation for only one ruined soul. this opportunity opened wide horizons. And now, along with an open glorification of Satan on an insane language in the night, and not just the night, prayers, every person who shall deny from Orthodoxy and go to the other side of the fence, and thus take on the soul of mortal sin, increasing the strength and the title of the devil in the flesh. So needless dialogue with such people is very dangerous.
  But back to the topic. Spirits unlike the devils are formless and have no intelligence. But they have their own program, therefore, can also cause a lot of harm. All magic is based on the management of the spirits, and the ultimate goal of this "science" - to deliver the pain and suffering of the people, because controlling the evil one in the end did not get joy. Only evil.
  Perfume, following his program laid magician, attack human energy body. Attached to the bodies, and through reduction of energy or its replacement by a negative, cause pain, illness, or stop organs or systems.
  should be noted that at the time of the death of perfume, not expelled for life, for some time remain with the body and destroy them can only Orthodox burial rites. If this was not done or disposal occur no sacred place, the spirits remain on earth and it is normally live in the astral world, in search of a new victim. In the astral plane be a very large number of spirits, a meeting which is very likely, and not always safe. In any case, remember that they are representatives of Daidara, and hope for something good from them is unlikely to have to. Therefore, I strongly recommend to consecrate an apartment, because that rite of casting out and burns the spirits to protect you.
  Moreover, while cleaning the apartment, expelled and other entities, less numerous, often isolated in a particular area. In practice, called elf, Barabashka etc. This is the essence of low intelligence, but still have it. A distinctive feature of these creatures - the ability disembodied spiritual life forms affect the material world. Many people consider them harmless or even beneficial, but it is not so. All the "good" ends with assistance in finding lost things and the protection of the apartment. This is the ability of astral beings without checking in the human body evoke thoughts. But each time, by having recourse to such entities, we can not forget that this is an appeal to the representatives of Daidara only strengthens them. And the house-elf, as a radioactive source emits a more powerful force negative energy, creating a favorable environment in the apartment for the existence of spirits and demons.
  On this occasion, I would like to describe an event that happened to me in 1996.
  I rented an apartment with another family . From the first day, once moved, his wife asked about the strange sounds which appear closer to midnight. I laughed, but he decided to check out and go to bed a little later. Indeed, I have heard some knocks of varying strength, but the special value it did not attach. Thought - knocks and stops. But over time, the intensity noises began to grow, and there was simply intrusive. I go to bed - hitting the closet with such force that inadvertently get up to see what had happened.
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