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That enables a person to move out of the body? -2
The inhabitants of the astral world.
   Astral space is open the same way for the kingdom of heaven, and for Daidara. Therefore, there are representatives of both the spiritual worlds.
   Among people who are actively engaged in promoting and outs of the physical body, there is a perception that if a man set his thoughts in a positive and bright, he will not meet aggressive creatures, and vice versa. I will say this: this is the truth, exactly the same as in the semi truth.  
   Firstly, no one gives a clue as to what it means positive outlook, positive attitude. And without this, everything else is just meaningless.
   Secondly, I think it is not necessary to prove that between good and evil has always existed a struggle. And for a strong soul with the very positive attitude, which makes a lot of good to others, sow love around you, not debauchery that reigns in the world, and spiritual love, helping others overcome difficulties tochitsya fierce spiritual battle through the temptations, trials. And this struggle spreads and the astral world, when a person is there. And fear not, for if your soul is not fighting evil, so it is not worthy or evil has penetrated into it.
   Finally, the third point. I've had enough of meetings with representatives of both one and the other side, and subjected to repeated attacks of astral entities. And if someone thinks that I have dark thoughts, well, the criteria of light and dark every Unfortunately, the. But if today for some notion of "do good" - just a banal phrase, empty sound, and blasphemy was part of the concept for the exit to the astral plane, then these people really are not threatened, because that can threaten dead?
   But the stronger will be your soul, The more you do that, "banal" good, so you will be inaccessible for the representatives of the Kingdom of Darkness - Daidara - demons, spirits.
   What are demons. This negative energy flesh, possessing intelligence, the ultimate purpose of which - to destroy the human soul. It has its own demons, black reincarnation. For every "good" cycle, the devil gets the next rank, so some of the "six" dosluzhivayutsya to "barons" and "Marquis". Along with the title of increasing the power of the devil. But if they do not carry out their task, as the title goes down or the devil is going to destroy it in the same grave, where cease to exist mortally sinful souls.  
   Bes never settle in your body, if you have created the preconditions for this. The man who leads a righteous life, has protection from spiritual attacks. But when you curse, cheat, steal, do magic, blaspheme, black bear on your soul, and it will serve as a place to attach a demon to the body.
 I think many people have noticed that they, their families and friends going on lately that something incomprehensible. Someone constant fatigue, headache or pain in the heart, and weakness. The person feels bad, and medical tests show no reasons for this. Many dream is broken, there is inexplicable anxiety, depression, irritability. The good, the beautiful people drink too much and die from accidents, impose herself. And how many disappeared without a trace? What is the reason? The answer seems to be one - a hard life and a low level of care. But the same people lived in slavery, and during the war, and in times of famine, winning from the death of the right to life itself, and the children! Where are today has got to want to live?
   reason actually is that the presence of the devil in the body leads to various diseases, causes depression, mental disorders, sexual deviations, provoking cruelty and violence, slander, causes cravings for alcohol, drugs and smoking, causes male impotence ... Because the goal of every demon - destroy the soul of man. Taking possession of the human body, the devil says, the man is doing them harm, leading to the death of sin. Bes diverts man from God, from the true Orthodox Church, taking the last hope of salvation.
  But how the devil population is connected with access to the astral plane? It's very simple. In the separation of the astral body from the physical, the soul temporarily loses one of their energy bodies. With him goes down energy, and hence the protection of the soul, which remains in the body. Therefore, I am talking about the need to strengthen the protection for the body and soul for people involved in the practice of output to the astral plane, and not just for them.
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