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  Who can carry out the astral plane?

   Do not be original in this matter, if I say that the lion's share of the first astral experience people get through spontaneous recovery. You just go to bed, as usual, thinking about anything, not just about relaxation, meditation techniques travel outside the body. And suddenly happens to you is what really turns your life if you do not, then at least the idea of it.
   And yet, for most it remains unclear why one is given an out of body experience effortless, others by browsing all sorts of literature, doing yoga, meditation, eating all kinds of hallucinogenic and psychoactive drugs, psychotropic hours listening to music, and to crown it - engaged in occultism and magiyami if and achieve a positive outcome, if it can be called positive, I had a hard time?
   answer the following. Not every lifetime can carry out to the astral plane. I say "for life" because at the time of death, everyone will be there, and even the most inveterate skeptic can be convinced himself of the sincerity of people telling about astral travel. Freely move in space can be the kind of person who has a strong soul, which has a greater effect of love. This provides her protection, gives strength to move and makes it possible to return to the physical body.
   Additionally, go to the astral plane and people are having great power antilyubvi, concentrated through sin, committed person as an astral space is open for the kingdom of heaven; and for the Kingdom Daidar.'s the whole range, which is presented to a person wishing to experience astral travel. Which pole around - decide for yourself. will say one thing - antilyubov accumulating in the shower, you will achieve the result, perhaps faster, but what price to pay for it?

  Hello! First of all, thank you to all who wrote the letter. Thanks to all who shared his astral experiences, who asks interesting questions and just good words supports this project. I am sure we will make newsletter more interesting, fun and useful! My email box is opened in anticipation of letters. Oleg.

   At first, some questions are not related to the topic distribution. I'm glad it was only one letter with such issues. And yet:
   What is your name or Oleg Ludmila? - Oleg. If it will affect your perception, I name still has not changed. And the floor, too.
   If your name Oleg, why mailbox Ludmila? - When I create a newsletter, "The Story of My mailbox", the first issue considered in it, it will be yours.
   your age? - '33.
   Where do you live? - Vinnitsa.
   Where do you work? - This is where I work, on the spiritual front.
   'd add - higher education, but life was such that more than four years working with the man who has the gift of God to heal the human body and soul, preaching the truth of God. work is to organize the huge process of spiritual assistance to the large number of people. And direct contact with them - part of my job. Did you ever see how you react to the power of God demons in people? And I saw firsthand the horror and adaptation, believe me, I needed more than one day. Through live chat with people I've heard a lot of evidence about what their experiences have led independent yoga, "promotion" astral output at the recommended "technique." These experiences have led to consequences is not happy, is why people come to the rescue ... but more on that in a later releases mailing list. Communicating with people who have the same problem, his own experience of astral travel, knowledge, opening a deep understanding of the problem led to the creation of this list, the main purpose of which - an association of people who think having the gift of the soul to know the other world is already at the time of life and not after it. And, in addition, to protect these people from the possible negative effects on their body and soul.
   But back to your letters.    writes Roman M.    Hello It's about my friend. One day she told me, that, waking up at night on her stomach, she saw herself in the chest for a glow. Caught unawares, she said: "What the ...", but felt it said, without hearing the sound. She was 10 inches from the bed. And said, it felt like the soul departs from the body, but she was able to overcome it. since it is repeated often, and recently she tried to call it myself. She lay down on the bed, and in her apartment, two large wall clock and it says, that then merge the sounds of the two arrows struck her heartbeat, and the train, which usually just quietly tapped in the distance, suddenly began to sing in her ears like thunder. And again she felt ready to "take off", but was scared and went back to the previous state .    answer is:    To be frightened of this state should not be. First spontaneous recovery, very often, there are no vibrations - you simply separates and follow the route previously conceived or operating a flight for yourself. Either way, once you think about the return, so just connect with the body of a flash . only thing not to do is to go too far. Master in a new situation for you, listen to new sensations, drive around your apartment, familiar places. This will give a sober assessment of what happened. And in order to protect the body from the settlement of spiritual entities (such a danger does exist), I highly recommend at least for the night, when you feel that you may be held out in the Astral, read the "Our Father" and ask for God's protection of your physical and astral bodies.    Writes Alexander P.    Twice "out into the astral plane." the first time - in the eighties. second - in 15 years, somewhere in 1999. unforgettable experience! But then again, how it can be used to advantage? And is it possible? !    The answer is:    It is possible and necessary. course, if we keep in mind the material benefit, it is a hopeless task. At least, I do not know of any such episode. But what is material in comparison with the spiritual? I'm not talking about when no bread on the table, and on a level slightly higher. When released into the Astral you have a trump card, which is not for people who do not have an astral experience. This trump card you must use in order to cover the lack of faith, materialism, lies, sins and lies , recognizing the existence of the spiritual world, to take care of his soul and for the people around you. This is a huge head start in saving your soul! From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you! (I apologize for the gaming lexicon, but once I started talking about the benefits, I think this is the place.)    writes Alla D.    I want to talk about their experiences. Was this a few years ago. husband was sent on a business trip to Moscow for 1day. course, I'm very bored. evening with husband called the station and said he had bought a ticket and called the train departure time. Child asleep, and I was not asleep. I was watching TV. couple of hours later I wanted to see him and know him if he is ok (I do not know on what basis were these thoughts.) I did not sleep, that's for sure, just lay on the sofa and looked at the clock. Suddenly I started to feel like I can easily climb over the couch and pulls me to the window. I am free to fly through the glass, which does not even feel it. And gradually picking up speed, flew over the street lights (or rather just above them on the level of the 5th , 6th floor). podomnoy all around and no different if I had, say, standing on the roof (and the lighting and the road is the city at night.)    I flew to the station a certain route, such as riding a taxi or car, but at high speed. Though I could discern where I am. automatically at the station, or just my astral body knew where to go, I flew over the railway to Moscow (I was sure of it.) Very interestingly, on hands and travels instantly chosen the path where I want. Letela I'm not very high on the level of the middle car of a train. So I saw the fork and directed according to his direction, and it all happened quickly, but visually I could record. And then, finally, I I see me going to meet the train, and I'm not changing altitude, flying a frontal. Flew first two cars, I saw the dark (all the same night and people are sleeping). those people so I did not see, but I knew they were there. I was looking for her husband. And, flying three second-class compartment wagon third, I saw a light in the fourth shape. Among the darkness, I stopped and stared, it was my husband (it was a bit in a fog). Opposite was a woman who seemed to me not so young (probably because that night and the man on the top shelf), I saw them only vaguely. Only my husband was light, and everyone else in the dark. Yeah, and it does not matter to me was who was going. Seeing her husband, I'm happy flew back the same way and with the greater speed. When I approached the window of his house and flew through the glass I saw myself and went into my body. felt like a collision and a shake, but it does not hurt, I felt a connection, and the astral body and the body of her at the same time (as I explain I know), as if at the same time on both sides feeling. Immediately I opened my eyes, but I think I have them and did not close. of the hours it took only about a minute.    came the morning my husband. course, I did not tell, but asked to Is the third car he was driving. He said yes. I asked next, whether in the fourth compartment, and again I got a positive response. I told him that it was going to a woman and a man, and he confirmed very surprised. then I told him all told. He had to believe me. Who could tell me about it?  
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