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That enables a person to move out of the body?

   This question can not be considered in isolation, without giving even a brief information about the soul. I have often met with such opinion, that the soul - is an application to person. Even if they agree to its existence and eternal life, it is only the soul - a man is not to blame, it is still dying, and with it goes all into oblivion. The reflection of this idea can be seen everywhere. Similar views "live once", "in life you have to try everything," "after us - the deluge" too prevalent. Who today to take care of the soul? After all, in their opinion - it's a spirit that departs at death. (If they do believe in the soul.) Well, let fly, if it is necessary.
   Again, unable to conceive, develop and be born, no one in the world, if you do not have to be from the beginning of a spiritual nature - the celestial soul, which comes of the Kingdom of Heaven in the material world, and going all the way test comes back. What is the soul? soul - is the same person in the spiritual flesh. she has sex - male or female, and there are always young, aged, age-appropriate person 20-22 years.
   illustrate this fact. in 99th year of the night I suddenly woke up. Clarity of mind was extraordinary. How - that I instinctively felt that I was listening to God. His words I have not heard, but the inside was so confident strong that I was lost. What to say? Ask as impossible as one-way communication. And, naturally, I thanked him for his creation - the earth, with the blue sky, for life, for love ... And then the incredible happened. Absolutely easy without the least of my participation, and even thought I got up, (or I lifted) over his body at a distance of about half a meter and deployed face-to-lying next to his wife.
  "Picture" was quite common to come out, and I patiently waited for what would happen next . And indeed, in ten seconds, which is a special beam of light gently from head to toe lit my wife opened the picture is really amazing. Before me lay with his eyes closed girl of great beauty, which though I knew my wife, but perfect. She was ten years younger, facial features unusually right, all she radiated a peculiar power. I was shocked, and the only thought that came to mind - "such beautiful people do not exist."
   I could not tear my eyes away from the face, and suddenly his eyes were opened. At the opening of the century, I clearly saw the eyes looking straight ahead but a second later she noticed me, looked at me and smiled a warm, gentle and joyful smile. 3-4 seconds smile faded, her eyes closed, light-pinkish light shining around his wife abruptly disappeared, and I sank slowly into the body.
   K Unfortunately, such a case is the only one in my practice. Yet thanks to him, I realized a lot and reinterpreted.
   But back to the question of the soul. Celestial soul consists of various spiritual bodies, chief among which is the astral body, the mental body and the energy body. Their set forms the soul and allows her to live in different worlds at the same time. For example, if a person goes to the astral plane, he simultaneously in two worlds - the spiritual and the material.
   ability to move in space only gives a person the astral body, which is also responsible for the communication of the soul with the material world. Other bodies remain in the physical body, ensuring its ability to live in during your absence. astral body has a structure similar to the structure of the human body - hands, feet, head, etc., although the way out, we can not always feel them. (For example, during its first release (spontaneous), I felt a kind of energy ball, free-floating in the air).
   consequence of the absence of the astral body is in the physical coma, autism, etc. for which the person is unable to make contact with the environment, ie with the material world.
  conclude this matter, I want to say that it is unacceptable to identify the concept of "out of the soul from the body" and "exit astral body." Talking about the exit to the astral plane, we mean output Only the astral body, since the output of the soul from the body is carried out in a time when it is clinically dead as the body without the soul can not exist. At the time the astral body to the physical, on the material level, is not in danger, because it is soul, or rather most of it. Output is the soul of the body, I will try to illustrate the subjective feelings of my friend who visited in this unenviable situation.
   At one time, in connection with the renovation of apartments, Igor, or Uncle Harry, as I call it , and his family lived with his aunt in a private home. lived together 3-4 months, and then, apparently, bored. Or kids "get it" - noisy after all. And when he heard one of the aunts warning: "I will do, I know how." And my aunt, by the way, has buried three husbands died suddenly. He told me that, yes, as if forgotten. And now, after a month and a half, I met it on the market, and he is not confident. bruise on his forehead, all pale, panties. course I was joking because he understood it clearly. But this was not the case.
   Turns out, he got up in the morning, as usual in great shape , got dressed, had breakfast, and took his tools, going to go to work. But, having done five steps without leaving the apartment, collapsed on the floor. But he could not remember. At that moment he realized that hovers over her body at a height of approximately 1.5 meters. Sensations he describes as his bliss, nothing like that in his life he experienced. absolute ease and joy ... the release of the body. And what about the body, then? Harry to him, it is not strange sounds , if you had to disgust, then indifference sure. lifeless, bleached - horror. ran out of the bedroom of his wife Xenia and rushed to shake, lead to feelings, but, realizing what was happening, started for the heart massage. Harry saw it all and tried to stop his wife shouted to her, "Ksenia, do not!". And, suddenly, he felt a jolt immediately felt pain all over the body, and slightly open eyes, realized that back to life. The first thing he could say was, "Ksenia, why do I get back?." That's the story.
   I would not have wanted the reader to the wrong conclusions. Igor - swinger profoundly positive person, maybe that's why he felt this joy. In this case, we can not separate the joy of his personality, the state of his soul, because after death it's the same thing. At the same time, I am not quite sure that if you are leading an unjust way of life or consciously approximating his death felt such bliss and joy after his release from the body.
     But that is a topic for another issue and I will come back to it.
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