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These spirits are not so much as one might think. As a rule, the projector is rarely met anyone in the conscious projection. Usually it is one - a stranger in a strange and familiar place at the same time. Some say that the streets of big cities you can find hundreds of astral beings. Others argue that while the conscious projection of a person acquires the ability to see at a great distance. This, like everything else, is not always true. In fact, any question regarding the astral world can not be answered without adding: "Sometimes it is, sometimes - otherwise." Status of the projector in the astral world are innumerable - that's why so contradictory stories about the world.

In connection with the spirits that are bound to the earth, I want to tell you about a meeting with the "astral demon." I would have to write another book to tell everything I know about the astral world, but now I have to confine examples to illustrate various aspects of the projection.

MEETING WITH Astral Demons

In 1928, in our town died of stomach cancer by one person. His wife was well acquainted with my mother, and a few days after the funeral, she came to us during a conversation with her mother she told a lot of the dead, from which we learned that the FD was the real villain. This aroused in me a hatred for the dead. I very clearly remember the conversation, during which my blood was boiling with anger.

This conversation took place at about 7.30 am and at 9.00 I already forgot about it. That night I had a conscious projection. Going beyond the cord activity, I turned to look at his physical body (projector makes it almost always). Oh the horror! There stood FD, staring at me scary looking maniac. I'll never forget that look. I intuitively knew that he wanted to revenge, and felt real fear. He pounced on me before I decided what to do. The fight went on for a few moments - he took the top, showering me curses. By the force he was far superior to me, but I suddenly felt that the action takes the controlling mind, which was attracting me to the physical body. Compared with the power of the mind FD seemed just a pygmy clinging to me as I approached the bed. This power is further increased activity in the cord. Despite all efforts to keep the spirit of me, I took off and took a horizontal position just above the physical body. At the same moment I connected with him, having experienced the strongest reperkursiyu of those that I have ever experience. At the time of this incident, I kept a clear mind.

Martin Luther argued that once fought with the devil. Who knows? It is possible that the case. Similar cases in the literature of many spiritualist.


All this leads us to the problem of obsession. Spirits were arguing among themselves about whether ghosts are bound to earthly life, to influence people. The author of this book is deeply convinced that they can. Quite illogical to believe that the good spirits could have a beneficial effect on death, and to deny these abilities to evil spirits. Modern science disproves the doctrine of possession of this kind, considering that the so-called astral influence is none other than the cases of mental and physical diseases that are amenable to cure. However, experienced spiritualists know that, in addition to the imaginary possession, there is a real one. Here's what he said about it shortly before his death, the famous psychologist Professor. William James: "The failure of modern science to consider the astral obsession even as a hypothesis that contradicts the universal tradition based on concrete experience, has always seemed to me a curious example of the power of fashion in matters of science ... I am absolutely convinced that the theory of a demon (not necessarily the devil) will again take its rightful place. "

In the case of "89", which I mentioned earlier, we have a shining example of mental illness caused by astral influence. If you believe the Bible, Christ was the founder of the faith in the power of spirits, as he often demonstrated his ability to "cast out the devil" of patients. Some perfumes obsession intentionally cause the condition, others do not know what they do. Sometimes the ghost itself is mentally ill, as in the case of "89." The reason - the "stress" of earthly desires, habits, and so on.

The most amazing cases of obsession - those in which the astral beings give to know their independent existence - can be found in the books of John Godfrey Roperta "The dangers of spiritualism," "Modern Spiritualism," "Major problem". Interest is the book of Dr. Peebles' Demonic ever. "

On the same theme in the book "Thirty years among the dead." Its author, Dr. Carl Wicklund charge of a hospital in Los Angeles, California, where every year the special spiritualistic techniques cure dozens of "obsessed" patients. Meanwhile, some writers and researchers have yet to come to the conclusion that the astral obsession really is a reality. The biggest objection to astral projection, with whom I had to deal with was the fact that during the externalization physical body astral projection can take being thirsty to return to earthly life. I confess I do not know what is the probability of this type of obsession. However, it seems to me that this danger is exaggerated Spiritualists, as in the practice of these cases, little is known. Indeed, if that were possible, every night hundreds of people have become victims of, for hundreds of people exteriorized, regardless of whether they remember it or not. Many so-called dangers of astral projection, of course, exaggerated. Many well-known spirits explain cases of bifurcation, or splitting of the individual astral obsession. Their explanation seems logical to me. Of course, we should not think that all cases of possession are astral character.
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