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All this reminds me of that astral world manage thought - the mind of the projector (it's probably the most difficult to imagine). As a man thinks, so is he. This idea was very difficult for me to put into words. I can only say that during astral projection thoughts become reality. One only has to think about something like this becomes a reality. If you ever manage to learn from their own experience that this is the conscious projection, you will be impressed by the speed with which your thoughts become reality. I think that, after living in the astral world for a while, get used to it.

Talking about their experiences outside the physical body, Cora Richmond said, "I gradually realized that my whole being, freed from the shackles of the physical senses, received an answer to any question - even before its finalization in thought." It seems almost incredible that the subconscious will can take you to your friend's house as soon as you think about it. Naturally, the subconscious will almost always control the actions of the projector, but the more he projected - which also increases the duration of the projection - the more he becomes the master of his conscious will.


How amazing would not represent the astral world, he at the same time gives the impression of chaotic, constantly changing, which is why all imagined it differently. The setting varies depending on the state of mind. Yet this situation is real! Such a condition can not last forever. It's a kind of purgatory, in which a man must learn to think correctly you can not get out of it without learning, as the wrong mindset creates an appropriate environment All of this happens on the astral plane, the Earth's atmosphere. It is possible that you do not perceive the concept of "purgatory" in earnest, however, this term is very well characterized by lower astral plane. On the higher astral planes I do not know. Some psychics claim to be projected in a variety of plans and sub-planes of the astral world, and characterize each of them. But I never ever feel conscious projection of this kind. Sometimes I was told that I was not for this "developed", so I get it in such astral conditions, and not in others. You'd think after listening to these people, that after death they will be right on the twentieth plan! I am afraid that many of them are sadly mistaken

The fact that the astral world is very complex. That is true in the case of a wrong in the other. The generally accepted view is that the astral world is composed of seven plans or sub-plans. Many projectors claim to live in it guides who all show and tell. Apparently, these guides I do not like it, because I did not have to meet at least one of them, while conscious of the projections I have seen in ghosts and the dead and the living, but I am one of them would not have taken as a guide. Unfortunately, I have always projected only in earthly terms. But I believe that after death, they get almost everything. They are what I call "purgatory" What happens next, I do not know. Anyone interested in this issue can find relevant books of the afterlife written countless volumes. All I know is that in this purgatory of living spirits, gravitating toward Earth.

According to modern spiritism, spirits reside in the astral world only temporarily, and then move into the higher realms. The other school believes that spirits inhabit the astral world in anticipation of reincarnation. Catholicism preached the doctrine of purgatory, in all ages. In zgom against the Catholic Church is closer to spiritualism than other religions. And here and there purgatory is seen as an intermediate stage in which swarms of spirits I ady for a longer life. Interestingly, both Catholics and Spiritualists believe that the souls who are in purgatory, prayers can help.

Idea of ​​supporting the astral body

The astral body is sustained by thought. Do you think that when the ghost walks on the floor, it attracts this floor? Nothing of the sort! Phantom of the brand is not in contact with the floor. And yet he goes on it. Why? Because it supports the idea.

He always walked on the floor in a physical body, and now he's doing it out of habit, ingrained in the subconscious mind, which keeps him on the floor. The subconscious will astral body regulates weight, depending on its position. Capable of it, and conscious will. All this can not be explained from a traditional point of view. After all, the projector goes on the floor of the second floor, and it seems that it supports this floor, and in fact no contact with the floor is not. Perhaps you think that the projection will experience the unusual sensation. But it turns out that he did not even notice. One has only to think of it this phenomenon, as it passes through the floor. Why? Yes, simply because the projector thinks that once his feet are not touching the floor, the floor can not support it.

Projector goes to astral body as well as physically, through habit. He just does not think about it, you do not think about the manner of movement, while in the physical body. All this is very reminiscent of the biblical story in which Jesus walked on water. They were supported by a thought. But when Peter became interested in this phenomenon, I do the same thing, it did not work out. There is no doubt that Christ was able to do it. He knew how to do it in a physical body with the help of levitation. Of course, in the astral body, too.

Here is another example that illustrates the force of habit. In our earthly life, we dodge cars when crossing the street, in any case, we try to do it. We have developed a habit of looking around before you cross the street. I remember once passed her in the astral body. Involuntarily, I stopped to look around, but knew that the machines can not hurt me. However, later on I will never stop when crossing the street in the astral body. Similarly, the projector is sometimes rejected at a meeting with the man in the physical body And another time he runs right through the physical body, without thinking about it. This suggests that in the astral world everything depends on the idea that dominates the conscious or unconscious mind.

You can not put into words what a huge surprise that covers a person during a conscious projection! He sees the ghosts of the dead, travels through the air, supported by the thought passes through the material beings and objects and hear the chatter of those who are unaware of its presence. These conversations do seem chatter. For when a person is in the astral world, surrounded by all sorts of miracles, everyday conversations of people can not seem to him infinitely commonplace. Not surprisingly, the dead will soon get tired of listening to endless conversations alive! Yet to return to the physical body and regain the ability to move objects is very nice. This impossibility in the astral world deprives a person of peace. I wonder how the spirits attached to earthly life, manages to stay sane. They have only one option - to "want" to destroy "stress" desires and habits of life on earth.
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