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CLOTHING Astral Body

The ghosts of the dead and the living ghosts can be seen quite often. The fact that the ghost dressed serves many skeptics to prove that such a phenomenon is nothing more than a hallucination. They believe that the clothes that cover the physical body, can not stay on the astral body, that is, if ghosts really exist, they will certainly have to be naked. I find it hard to answer the question of why and how to wear a ghost. I can only tell you what I saw. One thing is clear to me: the clothes ghost is not an exact replica of the physical wear, it is formed on the astral body in some mysterious way. What is it? The question I asked myself a thousand times. Did I mention that I sleep in light clothing to give his astral body complete freedom, but sometimes I sleep in pajamas. Nine times out of ten I wake up in the astral world, unaware of this until I start touching the physical objects. It's safe to say that if it were possible to interrogate the dead, most of them have said to that for the first time after waking up in the astral body, it seemed to them that they continue to exist physically. This suggests that the extent to which the astral world is a copy of the physical. Features of our earthly life are repeated in the astral world. This is one of the wonders of the astral world. If a person leads a solitary life, such as it is in the astral world. Most of my time was spent out of communion with the people, and therefore rarely met anyone in the world. This may sound strange, but true. I noticed that, as a rule, my astral clothing was an exact copy of a physical one. But like every rule, there are exceptions, which are the consequence of the mysterious laws controlling the mind. Sometimes the astral body is covered with something thin and transparent. Perhaps that is why ghosts are attributed to white clothing. Sometimes the astral clothes mistaken observers of the aura, and the aura - for clothing. There is a difference .. The astral body can be drawn, in which case the clothing is produced from the aura. At times, the aura can sometimes be more dense, which makes the specter of a terrible view. Naturally, this is how he appears just before the observer.

Do not worry about that, waking up in the astral body, you find yourself naked, because you will be surrounded by your aura, and is only thinking about the clothes as your thought forms and materializes clothes for you. In the astral world of thought is the instrument of creation, and the ghost appears in front of others as he sees himself. Indeed, the entire astral world is governed by thought. One day, I watched from the aura that surrounds my body, formed clothes. I was just a few feet from the physical body and the clothing was an exact copy of a physical one. In another case, I was conscious when heading off into the astral body at an average speed: my body is surrounded by an aura so dense that I almost did not make out. That was until I stopped after that I was a typical attire ghosts in the astral world, and can be dressed entirely in this case skrytosoznatelny mind creates an exact copy of the physical wear of astral matter. For those who have ever experienced a conscious projection, it is obvious that the clothes ghost does not necessarily create a conscious mind. From which it is created is unknown. I observed that it is derived from the color of the aura surrounding the astral body.

My mother saw me several times in the astral body, and sometimes I saw her when she saw me. In other cases, it is seen as I walk around the house in the dream state. She always described the clothes that I saw. Her descriptions confirmed my observation. In most cases I have seen during involuntary projections, which eliminates any possibility of hallucinations as a result of the expectations and suggestions.

Some argue that the naked spirits do not exist. This is not true. Spirits dress accordingly customs of the country in which they lived. In this respect, my observations are consistent with the observations of D. Larsen, in her book "Travels in the World of Spirits": "Since the astral body is an exact replica of the physical, women are in the astral world of women and men - men. Perfumes, as the people wear clothes ... Clothes formed in the following way: each of the astral body emanates a strong aura that seemed phosphorescent. It is completely controlled by the mind of this substance is produced and clothes. First, immediately after death, it happens unconsciously. Once the spirit leaves the physical body, it forms a canopy. But later, the choice of clothing is a conscious act, and to a greater extent depends on individual taste. Therefore, after death, when the person is still at the mercy of the Earth views and tastes, for some time he wears clothing suitable for the tastes of a past life. The color of the aura expresses the essence of the astral beings. All dark shades strate evidence of a low stage of development. As you progress aura becomes brighter. The color of the aura, of course, determines the color of the clothes. "
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