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What's In the astral body

I get asked this question very often. And I confess that I do not know, I tend to meet impish smile. However, this is not me in the least embarrassed. The fact that this question can not be answered, even those who have spent in the astral world for many years. I have repeatedly tried to find out what it is, but always to no avail. And as far as I know, this question could not be anyone to answer. Some call the astral body "liquid (fluidic) body," Lodge says it is on the air. There is also a view that is different from the astral matter only for its physical atomic structure. This is the opinion I do. As hypothesis of air, it is unlikely. Ether is elusive and is present everywhere. As far as is known in the science, it is primordial element, part of the whole matter. One, he is not able to form matter. Atoms of different elements consist of a negative electrical charges, or electrons orbiting the nucleus of positive ... The same structure is peculiar and astral matter. The only difference lies in that the atoms and molecules of the last infinitely smaller and vibrate with a higher frequency than the atoms and molecules of the physical matter. Astral body, the senses attuned to the vibrations. Therefore astral matter to the astral senses is just as real as physical to physical senses

From the above it can be concluded that modern science confirms the wisdom of Pythagoras, which twenty-five centuries ago, taught that all matter is composed of three elements: the substance of the motion and numbers. From the point of view of modern science "substance" of Pythagoras corresponds to the worldwide airwaves, the "movement" - electricity, and the numbers - the number of electrons in the atom is vibrating, and the number of atoms in the molecule. This is the view of Dr. Lindlera on the part of the astral body.

Although at present the exact composition of the astral body is not yet known, many occultists believe that the time is at hand when science finally solve this interesting problem. But this is only possible in the laboratory. One projector, it's just not the strength, nor the strength to know the nature of the physical body by simple observation and experience.

Calculate the weight of the astral body

A few years ago at the International Congress in Paris spiritualist was jokingly said that the astral body of a man weighs about as much as a flea mustache. Opinions occultists in this matter diverge. As for me, I believe that the weight of the astral body is unknown.

Andrew Jackson Davis believed that it weighs about 1 ounce. Others argue that it does not weigh. However, the astral body must have some sort of weight, as it is a substance. In this regard, the experiments are interesting two Dutch physicists - Dr. Malta and Dr. Van Zaalberga Zelsta from The Hague, whose aim was to determine the composition and structure of the astral body. They constructed a very complex instrument, called "dinaminostografom" with it, as they claimed, they were able to establish a direct link with the astral world. This device they were left in one room and watched him from the adjacent through a small glazed window. The device was powered by intelligent spiritual force, and long messages transmitted through the disc with the letters placed on top dinaminostografa. Book was published in French under the title "The Mystery of Death," in which these experiments are described in detail. Mr. Carrington gave a summary of the book in his "Modern psychic phenomena" (Chapter "Communication with the astral world through the instrument"). From it I will cite a few paragraphs.

"Under the influence of the will of the astral body is able to contract and expand, the expansion of the order of 1.26 mm or 1/40000000 of its own, with the decline is much larger, namely about 8 mm or 1/6250000 of its volume. Its density is about 12.24 mg easier hydrogen and 176.5 times less than the density of air. The will acts on the body mechanically, then get him to expand, then shrink. Thus, the astral body is subject to the law of attraction. There are X-Force (unknown force), which holds the molecules of the body together. The atoms of which it is composed, very small, heavy and are separated by large distances. Inner body density is approximately the density of the ambient air. If its pressure is increased, the same as the internal pressure increases and the body. Astral body weight was also calculated, it is equal to about 69.5 grams. "

These results are roughly consistent with the results of Dr. Duncan Makdugollya of Gaverhilla, Massachusetts. He weighed the patients who had died of pneumonia. The bed was put on a very accurate scale, and at the time of death was recorded weight change. In four of the six cases, the astral body weight ranged between 2 and 2.1 ounces (1 ounce = 28.35 grams).
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