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Noise in Astral Projection

Light reperkursii accompanying natural sleep, and even very strong, as in dreams fall, usually accompanied by special sound that can be heard somewhere around the ear or head. Most often it is the sound of "pop" like the sound of the bursting of the balloon. It's also a loud "sizzz" is heard as if the brain and causing it to vibrate. Another - is crackling like a few crackling electric spark. The latter is often heard at the beginning of the projection, and at the time of the reunification of the body, and, it seems, is formed in the head, the back of the skull. There is another sound. This "zmig", creating the impression of the string sound in my head. Sometimes a person hears the word "spoken" at the ear or even the head itself. What is surprising is that these sounds are felt, it seems that the brain vibrates under their influence. Once, when I was projected and was about 10 feet from the physical body in the street barking dog. I heard the barking of their physical ears and at the same time felt it in the astral head. It is very difficult to explain, but it was so. I felt as if my ears were projected, and the barking was heard in the astral head.

You have probably heard about people who are able to smell the color. Sounds can also cause color sensation. Dr. Carrington affect that question in his book "Higher mental development." It is also interesting that during astral projection of the subject can see from various points of the astral body, for example, he is able to see objects at each other, while in a horizontal position in the air and looking the other way. Typically, the subject uses eyes, although in some cases this is not necessary. However, I have never experienced this outside activity cord, but I suppose that's possible. I know a man who sees if from the forehead.

AJ Davis, commenting on his first experiment in this area, says: "A tightly tied my eyes (physical) with a tissue, the operator then placed the book on a level with my forehead, and I saw her and without any difficulties read her name. This experience, like many others, has repeatedly repeated. The ability to see, regardless of the physical organs of vision was evident. "

Mr. Lombroso and others recorded a lot of cases where people have seen the solar plexus. Quite apart from physical eye. Frequent are also times when you were projecting a subject can see what's going on behind the many miles of him: but, as a rule, he immediately moved to this place.


The astral body is most easily separated from the physical into the dark. Despite the fact that no light chains astral body to the physical, the projection may still happen, but, as a rule, it is only in very fit people. Perhaps knowing this, you will begin experiments in the dark. This advise many occultists, although for many reasons I would not say this is the best condition. Perhaps you think that in the dark you can not see eksterioriza-tion. This is wrong, because you should only be projected, you will see the astral eyes that do not know the darkness and you will see the scattered light is not very bright or too dim, as if sifts through objects of the material world.

Have you ever go to sleep in total darkness, and wake up, do not remember where you are? Do you remember what effect has this unpleasant misunderstanding of the situation on your mind? In this case, you probably have experienced the feeling that your head is where the feet are supposed to be, or that the door of your room are not in place and so on. Most people are familiar with this feeling of disorientation. A friend of mine told me that he woke up one night, he could not find the door, as went in the opposite direction and came to the cabinet. He opened it and tried to go inside, thinking that it is a door. However, he claimed he was fully conscious, felt the walls and finally found the door.

Suppose you went to bed: your head is at the head of the bed, the window on the right, the left door, and so on a word, you can clearly imagine their spatial position. Then you wake up and feel that it has changed. Why? Maybe it's because you do not see in the dark? Why is your consciousness, which reflects your true position before you fall asleep, do not send you to the door, while the left? Do you think this is due to the inability to see in the dark? If so, then why do not you lose, when you go into a dark room? The problem is resolved in the following way: you went to bed, consciously imagine my position, ect. you would immediately get up and leave the room with his eyes closed, simply because well-know the location of things. But here you go after it slept for a few hours, and find that lost a landmark in its own room. What happened to your mind? Projecting, your astral body may be in the room at a position at an angle relative to the body. Your feelings record of this provision. When you wake up in the physical body, this impression is still alive, and you feel that you are lying in a different position than it actually is, but you can not see in the dark. Hence the feeling of uncertainty. Here is another example, which gives an idea of ​​this phenomenon. Put the man in the middle of the street and tie his eyes - he is confident he will move in the right direction. But if you unscrew it, it will lose orientation. That's astral body movement during sleep is changing the consciousness, thereby directing the awakened man astray.

My advice to beginners and especially people of a nervous temperament: the room should be light enough to wake you at the time could distinguish objects around you and yourself. Loss of orientation not only has its unwanted physical effects, but also acts on the astral body, and sometimes on the subconscious mind.
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