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SOME OTHER FACTORS help Output in the Astral

There are numerous factors are less significant astral projection to help the main two. Now I will list some of them, and you yourself will discover the rest. For the experiment, the right temperature is very significant. If you are too cold, you will feel during the experience mental anxiety. Feeling the heat prevents the achievement of relaxation and passive state. The ideal temperature is such that at which the subject feels easy and convenient. Anything that affects you stimulating - alcohol, drugs, food, is a negative factor, since an impediment to the passive state. Although the state of excitation is undesirable, the mind must not be passive, as is often assumed. The subject can go to bed in a large mental stimulation, and this may lead to the need of stress, which remains on the surface or comes to the surface during sleep. However, during hypnosis, when the suggestion comes from the subject, a state of mental passivity necessary. In that type of projection, which we are now speaking, the mind of the subject must be like mind hypnotist. Indeed, if the mind was at ease, no suggestion during sleep would not have arisen, therefore, the projection would not have received.

So, if you think that astral projection is necessary for the mind to remain calm, you are mistaken. The bedroom should be out of reach for the noise. Noise in general promotes the internalization and physical stress We all know that we tend to wake up from the noise. However, if the subject is far away from the physical body - outside activity cord, the noise can wake him up in the astral body, and physically. But in the beginning, when the subject is not yet capable of long-projection, noise is undesirable. I noticed that the ghost is usually wakes up from a strange noise. Clock ticking, the buzz in the oven or in the fireplace often do not interfere with the projection. Naturally, the more rural settings contribute to own this kind of experience than the city, at least from the point of view of noise. Anything that promotes comfort and relaxation of the physical body, to be used in these experiments. It is advisable to use a light blanket if possible, because excessive burden on the body creates a particular physiological effect. The severity of blankets may create the impression of sleep during any pressure. I have often noticed that the burden caused me a slight gasp. My dream match that feeling. The observations have convinced me that they were caused by the weight of my blankets. On the other hand, the severity of preventing the movement of the astral body up. In this connection, it may be the following assumption. If a heavy blanket is in the subconscious mind an idea of ​​choking or contributes to a corresponding image in the dream, which is expressed in a subconscious effort will deliver the astral body into the street, into the fresh air, it is not this will be a positive factor? Yes, if the physical body rather passive! This is one example of spontaneous projection. However, we do not recommend this way to cause the projection, since in this case the subject is risking his life (meaning an artificially induced sense of suffocation).

During the experiment, it is desirable to do anything for herself not to wear. Tight-fitting clothing prevents proper blood circulation. It is advisable to slow down the blood circulation, but in no case should not hinder him. Although clothes do not interfere with the output of the astral body, capable, as you know, and go through the stone, and through the steel, it causes undesirable physiological effects. The feeling of lightness and freedom, on the contrary, promotes astral projection. It is understood that such correspondence feeling sensation during projection. It is a dream that contribute to the output of the astral body. The projection is possible even when the subject is sitting on a chair, but the horizontal position is much more efficient. Also the night. This is due to many reasons. Going to bed, you go from day to day thoughts, while trying to cause a projection of the day, you say to yourself something like, "I'll lie down and see what happens, then again sit down to work."

It is not necessary to list all the reasons - they will make sense to you when you begin to experience. At night, it is easier to focus, it's easier to think of myself (very important) than during the day. Although the astral body can be projected at any time, I noticed that, as a rule, this happens after a few hours of sleep after midnight. One of the surest ways to achieve the projections, particularly conscious of its very first moments - that, having slept a few hours, are projected at the time of the awakening of consciousness, that is, trans-word condition. It is a moment of astral catalepsy. In this condition a person a few minutes can not move, first, because the physical body is very passive, and secondly, due to the fact that the ghost is in a cataleptic state, and third, because the potential ability to movement may be outside of the body. This is the most favorable time for conscious projection, which, of course, can be caused by suggestion.

The sensation of flying or moving up in the air easier to invoke, lying on his back. The reason is that in this case the blood circulation slows down along the spinal canal, numbing his nerves and sensations of contact with the bed. You will also notice that lying on the back, lighter feel the sensation that occurs while moving the astral body in the area of ​​peace. That's why many people can not sleep on your back, they have a sense of floating and light reperkursii.

Many people in this publish a more or less distinct word or sound, and they breath in the stomach. No matter how frightening it was not feeling it afterwards amused subject. Many are frightened enough to jump out of bed. Known case of a woman who, for the first time felt the movement of his astral body screamed in horror. She jumped out of bed and ran out of the bedroom. Later, she cried quietly, when she got reperkursiyu. She told me that at the time of falling asleep kind of power, which was under her, tossing it into the air and then suddenly let go. She believed that it was to blame for her physical body, and noticed that it only happens when she fell on her back. In fact, the following occurred: the lady felt the motion of his astral body when falling asleep, it scared her. and reperkursiya occurred, followed by a scream. If you are one of those people who can not sleep on your back because of discomfort, you have a good chance of achieving a conscious projection. To convince myself that you like this feeling, practice at the time of falling asleep, causing a dream with a lift.
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