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"Passive" is important to return to the Astral

I'll tell you about another discovery that I have made in the process of identifying the causes of my different projections, and it becomes clear what is one of the main causes of "passivity" Being curious by nature, I am conscious of the projections after a few came to the conclusion that the apparent miracle must have a cause or reason Secretly I was disappointed when initially could not find them Some famous spiritualists, which I wrote, I said that no one knows exactly what causes astral projection, which is likely, it is a gift of nature, which in particular have So the Indians, going to bed, I constantly thought about this phenomenon, experiencing a passionate desire to grasp it Sometimes I sank into the trance state, without stopping to think

I was terribly upset that no one believed my stories My comrades and even relatives ridiculed the idea of ​​the possibility of such phenomena. I've been called a dreamer and "touched." Ridicule of others wounded me. Lying in bed, I used to cry in frustration. If I could understand the causes of the phenomenon, I reasoned, and disclose them to the people, they may have believed I would. In me grew determined to learn the cause of this phenomenon. Are you familiar with some of my discoveries. That's how I discovered that the "passivity" is essential. One night I was lying in bed and not sleeping, watching his body. I noticed that the heart beats more slowly than usual. The next day I went to the doctor and asked him to examine me. My pulse was 42 beats per minute, but smooth. The doctor gave me strychnine, which stimulates heart activity, assuring me that he would help. He added that such incidents occurred in his practice, and one patient had a heart rate in the range of 40. About a year before that I visited almost every projection of allotment. And every night I saw my astral body rises from the physical, that made me jump. I think I have already said that drugs regulating heart function, help people suffering from the sensation of falling, sliding and jumping. And that's why these tools help: heart animates the body as a whole. If the heart beats slowly, the physical body becomes more passive. The astral body can not get out of the active functioning of the physical body. As a rule, before leaving the astral body comes unconsciousness, and the physical body becomes passive. If the heart is beating faintly, the physical body becomes sufficiently passive to the astral body has left him before turn off consciousness, and the subject observes the movement of astral Tala. After the use of stimulant medications physical body becomes more active, the astral body can leave it until long after the loss of consciousness, and it is always kept very close to its physical counterpart.

Remember what was said about the state of the physical weakening, when the astral capacitor is depleted, the astral body quickly gets out of the match. That is why the subject is experiencing a nervous condition, such as those typical of people with heart failure. But imagine a person with one and another deviation from the norm, that is having heart failure, and at the same time a weak nervous system. It was such a man, and I was!

Once I started taking the medicine, the phenomenon disappeared. I have carefully examined the effect of his taking the pill regularly for two months. As a result, I am fully convinced that the "passivity" of the physical body is a prerequisite for astral projection. I stopped taking the pill. A few days later I noticed that my heart rate becomes more scarce, and the projection back. Then I made another discovery - I was able to control his heart rate. Relaxed, I focused my vnimamie on the heart, and within two weeks I was able to speed up or slow down his heartbeat at will. I soon learned how to maintain a normal heart rhythm, without taking any medicine. The ability to slow down the heart rate also helped me to call the complete passivity of the physical body. In the future, I will tell you how to do this in order to enter in the desired state.
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