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The ability to recover in the Astral and ability to appear in the Astral

Just as under the influence of hunger or entity may somnambulirovat or projected in the astral body and head to the buffet in the restaurant or bakery, a man of this type covered by suggestion, "thirst", can head to the creek or any other place where it can meet its desire. I was successful after the very first experiments. In order to strengthen a "stress" of desire, I not only deprive yourself of water for a while, but constantly thinking about it, looking at the glass of water, holds it to his mouth, but immediately put in place. Before you go, I forced myself to swallow a pinch of salt. Of course, it was very unpleasant. Imagine the increased desire to drink after I fell asleep!

The first projection (caused by this method), at which time I regained consciousness, there was a projection-dream. I dreamed that I was walking along the dusty road. There was a stifling hot day. I wanted to drink, but I could not find water. Then I took off my shirt and tried to moisten his lips own sweat. Increased thirst. Slepnuschy from the sun, I'm getting weaker, but finally reached the farm. There was a mill. I hurried to the dam, but, alas, it was dry. I looked up and saw mill wheel. I decided that bringing the wheel in motion, the water can be pumped, and climbed to the top.

I began to climb the stairs. When I reached the wheels, it was spinning rapidly and, catching my clothes, I was thrown into the air. I was glad that I was flying through the air, because I saw that heading to a river near my home. Soon I reached her. knelt down and began to drink. At this moment consciousness returned to me, and I found myself standing in the astral body on the bank of the same river - it was less than 100 yards from my house - the place where I used to catch the fish.

You can see that in this experiment, there are several key elements: the desire to drink, move up (stairs), the movement beyond the environment (moving up after the wheel has hooked me for the clothes) and waking up in a place where I used to sit. Causing a craving, I just received a repetition of previous experience, when I dreamed that I was standing near the tap, hold it with your hands, and I regained consciousness in the same place. Remember that, once regaining consciousness in a place, you tend to be in it to come back in such circumstances.


This case told me. One middle-aged man, who drank a lot of water usually, over time, began to show a great desire to drink. During the day he drank a lot of water and finally addicted to do it even in a dream. He got out of bed in the somnambulistic state, put on slippers, way down, took a bucket and went to the well. Then returned to the house and drank. So he did every night.

The doctor called it a "nervous shock", but prescribed the drugs they did not cease night wanderings. Then called another doctor. Last watched the patient for a few nights. The doctor came to the conclusion that the cause of somnambulism was just lust, and nothing else, and carefully examine the patient and found that he suffered from a special, highly developed form of gastritis, which is always accompanied by a thirst for the desire to drink after treatment the patient has disappeared, and with it the night walking

If the subject is experiencing criminal desires, which he is forced to suppress, and they break out, the subject will strive to meet them, no matter whether it will do so in the astral body or the physical condition of somnambulism

Walsh says, "As a rule, the actions of a lunatic are harmless and are in accordance with his feelings and inner world Somewhere I read about a priest, a man with a spotless reputation, who stole the night, and about the other person, which at night looked like Mr. Hyde , the famous hero of Stevenson We can explain these examples as all-consuming dream or strong impulses that subject could inhibit the day "

Walsh rights, desire breaks during sleep, and the way in which the subject performs his night walks - in the astral body or in the somnambulistic state depends solely on one factor - the "passivity" of the physical body
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