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Paranormal abilities

In addition to the flight and passing through walls, one of the most exciting things in the astral world you are inherent supernatural powers, the ability to work miracles. Any chance you can imagine, it is easy to implement, is outside the body, you will use clairvoyance, mind reading, psychokinesis (moving objects power of the mind) and view their past and future lives. In addition, you will be able to carry out an out of body experience, already being out of the body!

Many of these weird things you do automatically, not even paying attention to it. The same thing often happens during sleep. Very often in my dreams thought we read or see visions of past lives, but without being aware of the fact of sleep, do not attach any importance to these things. However, if you try to learn how to remember your dreams, you will immediately notice the similar cases.

It is interesting that after a person learns to perform astral projection, and doing it often enough, it begins to have dreams in which decides to do the same. The decision to carry out an astral projection in a dream has changed from Managed dreams. By doing this, you are in the astral world, to give full recognition, and then completing the projection return back to the same dream, and without going into a state of conscious sleep!

The following example illustrates the use of clairvoyance during astral projection.

"... At some point I stopped doing all that he did, and began to meditate with a plan to see their own chakra. I sat on the ground with his eyes open, looking at myself, and focused on the desire to see the spectrum of the chakras. Initially, no nothing much happened. then, after some time, in different places of the body appeared pale multi-colored glow. I closed my eyes and sight abruptly changed. I was dressed in a bit of a blue robe with sewn on or hanging from her golden flowers. the entire mantle covered with very complex patterns. One of the flowers was particularly unusual: its stem, which I at first took to be a belt wrapped around my waist and down to the floor between his legs. I thought, "What is this outfit? I would like to see their cha-wing "Then suddenly I was enlightened by it and had my chakras. Then I lost consciousness, and then moved on to other adventures.

I think that the mantle was a symbolic representation of my etheric body, flowers depicted active chakras, and pattern - connecting their meridians. "

Another example of a short but quite unusual astral projection is carried out in a dream:
"At 7:00 pm I went to try to get out of the body, but I fell asleep and had a dream, as if I play music. Later in the dream, I decided to lay down and implement projection. Closing my eyes, I felt dizzy, and then thought, "Maybe I'm already out of the body." opened my eyes and found himself lying on a couch in a strange room. slept in a chair near my brother Jim. At that moment I realized I'm in the astral world, and reached full consciousness, worrying about the stability of extracorporal state. went to the window, I looked to see what is outside. On the street was a gray windy day. Taking advantage of the power of thought, I'm from-. wing window and walked through it to the outside .

Here, I decided to try something from the read Seth's book "Dreams and the projection of consciousness." He wrote that in this world we live other lives and consciousness of dreams has its own memories, which differ from the memories of physical reality. I've noticed that I do not possess any body, but when flying away from the window, he saw his reflection in it. When I landed on the ground in front of the house, the mind has to fade away and I had to fight for it, to keep it clear.

Restoring the stability of consciousness, I began to explore his memory for the memories of the world of dreams, wrote about Seth. Suddenly I heard a phrase, saying, childlike voice, after which the field of view has been extinguished, and I felt that going back to the body ... "

What is most interesting, with the passage of time unusual abilities that you own on the astral plane, and begin to penetrate into everyday life! If you are interested, there are ways to strengthen the paranormal possibilities. That's what exercise contribute to this.
- Engage in meditation and astral projection.
- Let Me suggestion right before bedtime and upon awakening, for example: "I'm going to learn paranormal abilities."
- Think of the image itself, the giver love around the world.
- imagine that your awareness expands into space, until you start to feel the emotions of those around you.
- Try meditation on the music and listen to the hypnotic music.
- Leave yourself a reminder sometimes like:
"You possess extraordinary abilities" and "You can leave the body."
- Enclose the union with their Higher 'I', something like:
"I want to have psychic powers. I know that the universe is capable of rapidly and completely satisfy my needs and desires. return, I promise to unite with his" super-ego ", to follow the impulses acts of intuitive knowledge and wisdom to share, to give love and take the goal of the Higher Self. "

This way you will be able to bridge the gap between the ordinary world and the realm of subtle matter, and possibly reunite the various aspects of ourselves in a united, strong and harmonious personality!
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