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"... I came through the wall into the next room, which was darker. It covered only a weak purple neon lights. Kneeling on the floor, I saw that there besides me, there were people: a woman and a dwarf (or child). I talked to them a few minutes, but I do not remember what about. Suddenly a strong astral for captured and dragged me back. I did not resist and allowed him to inspire yourself, just wanted to turn around and see that I'm drawn to, but then refused, and the thought because he felt that fall out of astral projection.

By adopting a sitting position and allowing unknown force to pull me in the direction opposite the direction of view, I waited to see what would happen next. Soon I began to notice that pass through the walls of a building of apartments. Thus dragged me through a lot of apartments in which there were people engaged in a variety of things. Flew through some kitchen, I saw a man and a woman engaged in food preparation. They, too, saw me, and it was fun to look at their faces and stretched out like a guy dropped something in his hands.

In the end I got into a hostel, and there dragged me strength weakened. This dorm rooms were very large, as gyms, and each had several large bunk beds. There were a lot of young people, some of whom were reading while lying on the bed, the other doing something different. They were dressed very extravagantly ... "


This trick is well known to be engaged in any astral projection. Often from outside the body, you will prefer not to use the doors and go right through the wall. But, as in the case of the flight, this trick can sometimes be easy and sometimes - not. Why is it difficult to walk through walls - no one knows. The only advice that can be given in this case - is to try to turn his back to the wall and go through it backwards. If that does not work, then all that remains - is to destroy the wall, we will illustrate the following examples.

"... The only way out, which I found was a window to the left of me. It was at the height of about two meters above the floor as well. Path blocked by some pipes, so I took off and flew. Approached the window I tried to go through it, but could not. then I turned back and tried again, and again was not successful. failed and about niknut through an adjacent wall. So I hit the window and broke his arm. I had to put 4-5 times before it a hole of sufficient size, and the hand was no harm. With some difficulty, I squeezed through the window ... "

"... I went to the kitchen. Through the window, located above the sink, it was clear that the rain on the street, and I had a good feeling that occurs on warm days when the rain comes at the same time the sun shining in the sky. I was surprised that on the astral plane may rain, which looked the same as on the physical plane. I decided to go outside and feel the rain on me. Trying to go through the wall, I found that I could not do it. I tried to get out backwards, but without any success. window was open but protected insect. I decided to knock out the window. Formed hole was too small, so I was able to squeeze through. then I began to break down the kitchen wall, and in the end. broke it all! I remember I remember thinking at the time that the wall - no more than a thought-form and restore it there is no difficulty. now the size holes were more than adequate, and I jumped through it on the street, but instead found himself in a strange hallway. Turning back, I saw that the kitchen with the broken wall disappeared, and in its place was a door ... "

As you can see from the last example, the astral space does not behave like a physical. Experience this experience had to break the whole wall until he was able to go in the hole, but on the physical plane it would be enough to do a relatively small hole. In addition, there is for us an example of how a person starts to behave in the astral world. He hardly allow myself to do that to your own kitchen wall! This feeling of permissiveness that occurs in the astral world, Monroe calls the "savagery."
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