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Of course, the Earth - not only affordable place to visit. There is no limit to the range of space travel, destination and speed. In your power to go to the farthest galaxy at a speed of thought, which is infinite. It looks as if you add up the space in half and move to any place without any movement. If you are able to understand exactly where you want to go .. you're already there. In comparison, the speed of light is like a snail slow movements. Many people like to go to such depths of space, from which all the galaxies look like a point and stay there in silence and solitude, thinking or meditating. Make it easy, but it is much harder if you want to, then make a conscious return to his own body. To do this, at least have a good knowledge of astronomy. If you are able to watch your "silver cord" connecting, as many believe, the astral body with the physical, you can use it to determine the direction of movement, while trying to follow it all the time when driving at such speeds is problematic.

To quickly return from the astral travel long distances, tune to your own body and become aware of it. Then try to move any part of the physical body, such as a finger or toe. This action will return you to your body, and the projection is complete with full memory of his experiences out of body experience.

Concluding the conversation about flying in the astral world, consider a report illustrating the subject of one-of-body travel, which, in addition, the experimenter met with a friendly spirit (of these meetings will be discussed below).

"... I came out of the body and found that the JS in the subtle body is also close to me. Recalling his desire to go into space, I rushed up, calling for a JC. Speed ​​was so great that he could not keep up with me. After rising to a certain height, I looked down, expecting to see there conventional terrestrial landscape, but the show turned out to others. Below me was the globe, but he did not look like the Earth seen from space. Instead its surface was covered with a strange complex geometric patterns of different colors with texture resembling cardboard. As it moved a great spot light. Climbing higher and higher, I began to lose control of himself and eventually passed out. I woke up in the world and decided to try again . pushed off, I rushed up with great speed, but soon began again to relive the moments of temporary clouding of consciousness. Suddenly, to my surprise, somewhere there was a huge hand and grabbed me. Suddenly I felt something pulling me up, though field of view is extinguished, it became clear again.

I did not see who pulls me up, but had the impression that a friendly spirit helps me to get up. At times my traffic stop, and I was trying to restore his sight. I felt I was at a high altitude, and when I finally was able to see, found himself standing on a bit of a cloud. Drawing glance down, I saw him only under continuous ocean of clouds, and then again with eyesight problems began. It was as if my soul-mate was behind me. Soon after, the projection is over, and I realized that he is lying on the bed. After that I was in for a few minutes is not the feeling of happiness, something very light. "


It is difficult to say whether the astral world something like the air, but the wind is right. It often happens when you are in the business, something resembling a sudden gust of wind grabs you and takes away in any direction. This wind like some kind of magnetic force, or even a creature that catches you in his arms and drags. Some call it "the wind of the future," he drags you against your will, usually ago. You can try to have a resistance to it, but this power is continuously increasing, as long as you do not blow away like a feather - above the roof, into the sky and ... in the future.

After a while, you go down and find yourself in a completely different place and time. Sometimes the area where you find yourself, it looks completely normal, and you just go for it and meet strangers who look just as surprised as you are.

All this may be a scene of your own future, symbolizing the vision of some hidden meaning or a mixture of both. You do this by either going to be there as an invisible observer, or connect with him from the very future and look at the world through his eyes.

However, having experienced a similar experience, do not always take it literally. It is quite possible that you have not witnessed the actual event, which should happen in the future as well. symbolic visions, which contains the a warning for you. And if you wrong understand the hidden meaning, it can cause you great harm.
example, during astral travel wind suddenly takes you to the scene where you see yourself winning a large sum of money. You sit at the table, checking the results of the lottery, and you find that your ticket has dropped the grand prize, a lot of money. You instantly covers excitement, adrenaline is released rapidly into the blood, and the heart starts beating hard.

After the vision you begin to keep buying a lot of lottery tickets, as well as make decisions on the basis of the position of the holder of a lot of money. This behavior can cause irreparable damage to your life! By doing so, you are not to use their own initiative, ambition, ambition, cease to strive to improve their lives, believing that in the near future, and so it will get. In the end it turns out that you're wasting time, rather than to live it, enjoying the present.

Therefore, in this vision of greater importance should be attached to the date when you had to happen this event - perhaps on this day in your life really will be something important. In addition, if you are good in the symbolism of the subconscious, you will be able to get out of his vision of a lot of other useful information that will depend on the specific details of the vision. Only the experience and ability to think logically will teach you how to interpret the symbolic visions, and if you still do not have these qualities, it is better to refrain from any final conclusions.
Now consider an example of projection, in which the experimenter was captured "by the wind."
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