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Now we give two examples to illustrate the above.
"... I floated out of the room through the wall and walked to the window. then I looked through it into the room and saw myself lying on the bed. I remembered that Greene wrote about the possibilities for the projector to see his other body, so resist the fear. I decided to go up to the roof. This was difficult, and I spent a lot of time to overcome the resistance of the path (as sometimes happens when you try to run during sleep). Eventually I managed to drag himself to the roof and I stopped there to look down. Initially, everything was as usual, but then began to materialize some posts ... "

"... I came out of the body and saw him lying on the side of the bed. Then I went out and swam up. Suddenly, my vision cleared, I woke up.

Relax, I tried again and again left the physical body, then went out of the room to the outside through the bedroom door. Outside it was warm and sunny. I noticed that completely naked. Then I went up to the roof, like a Spider-Man from the comics, and looked at the landscape that does not exist on the physical plane. There has been a lot of baroque buildings in the modern American style. One of them had a very bright blue roof that caught my attention. I tried to get there, but too rushed and almost went back into the body. Then I jumped off the roof gently and slowly walked across the street. Eventually I wandered into some hills that obscure the whole field of view, and it became difficult to move. I felt the resistance and apathy, but continued with the effort to move forward slowly and cautiously. Finally I managed to get through a rough patch, and I went out on the road leading to the above, the building ... "


Of course, you can only walk during astral projection, if able to feel your subtle body. However, hovering and flying are preferable ways to move on the astral world for most people.

Education flight is the same as the development of a simple move - by force of will. At first, you will feel a kind of gravity affecting the flight. Only lifted himself into the air, you'll find that again slowly lower yourself down. Continuing these efforts, you will start to move a series of short hops. The reason for this lies partly in the habit of mind to see near the ground, in part - to the inherent to any movement in the astral world challenges. You start to fall to the ground when the determination to lose the fly, resulting in upward momentum dries up the habit again and pulls you down.
One way of overcoming this problem is this: you're running on the road leading down, and then Pushing off from it and take off in air, focusing its will on an upward soaring. Then, when ye strong in this state, will begin to use to move in the desired direction, pushing yourself as you did before by mastering the basic mechanism of motion. Recall that in the astral world there is no gravity, affecting your subtle body, there is only your own habit. Convince yourself that, and you will be able to hover indefinitely.

When you learn this, you can try to fly as far as you want. For example, some astral travelers visiting such planets in the solar system and even other stars.
Regarding the speed of movement, the S. Small-tung identified three basic speed, and this classification has become common:
1. Walking speed.
2. The vehicle speed. 3 Instant movement. With experience and reaching a good level of mental control, you can vary the speed of the movement of the pedestrian to supersonic. However, for beginners control the speed and direction of its movement is a big problem to be solved by you will have to spend a lot of time. We only note that these difficulties lie not in the device of the astral world, but in ourselves, in the inability to give the average person voluntarily concrete forms and visible outlines.

Among students of astral projection is an accepted fact that if you are able to visually imagine a place where you wish to go, you can get there quickly, the speed of thought. However, many do not agree with this, saying that in this way the person gets is not a real place, and created by his imagination, that is, the thought-form. At this point usually numerous discrepancies between the situation in the place where you find yourself, and the real.

A more plausible flying over medium and long distances along the surface of the Earth. But in this case it is easy to lose mental control over himself and fall into a world created entirely by force of imagination. If you do not want to admit that, in any case, do not lose focus!

Range of such a journey can be several hundred kilometers. Not very practical, is an attempt to go much further, and that's why. For example, a country located on the back to our side of the world, removed from us at a distance of 20,000 km. To get there, flying above the earth at a speed greater than the speed of sound 64 times, you will need about 15 minutes. At that rate, all of the objects on Earth and in the atmosphere blurred, leading to confusion and "a shift of reality." As a result, the objective relating to the real-time aspects of the projection will be lost. Members, moreover, generally can not usually remain in the real-time by more than a few minutes. Accordingly, the range of their travel is limited this time.

However, there is one effective way to get to any destination in the world - it flies in orbit around the Earth. To travel long distances, you will need to learn geography, oddly enough looks that statement. You will need the ability to recognize the continents, oceans, countries and cities. Also, before you travel you will need to study the map of the place where you are going to get, and a note of the its major landmarks. Then, during the projection you go into Earth orbit and go down with it over a selected destination, verifying their position in accordance with the previously stored landmark.

To get to the Earth's orbit - a little more difficult than it might seem. If you have learned to fly, then climb up is easy, but staying at the correct height is not so easy. Most people have difficulty stopping, so they are "off" themselves out of the solar system and even the galaxy. To avoid this, we must learn to control your speed at all times during the climb.

To make it easier to get into orbit, it may be advisable to make a first flight to the moon. This orb is a target to which you can direct the movement. When you get there, you will easily go back to Earth and going down on her, go into orbit, and then fly on to it until you find yourself on the selected site. On this side and the absence of air you will not encounter the problem of erosion of the environment and do not lose touch with reality.
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