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What does the output in the Astral
Probably your first astral travel will be quite messy and poorly remembered, but later learned to overcome the influence of the unconscious mind to the astral world, you will discover a universe that is available observation and research. There, on the subtle planes, there is an incredible variety of interesting places to visit and a great number of their inhabitants, with whom you can meet and chat. Each item of this section will consist of two parts: first, we give a brief description of the topic, and then give examples of actual occurred projections. In addition, you will be able to learn astral projection tips on how to behave in different situations and with different creatures.

The last topic of our discussion will be opportunities that are not available to you in the ordinary world, but there are in the world when you exit out of body experiences in the Astral. These include flight, passing through walls and the use of paranormal abilities of the mind. Reading further, you will not find instructions like "do this or that," but rest assured that everything that is said below - it is not fiction, and you are free to check the correctness of any statement on my experience, when Perform projection.


Many people at the time of their first experiences of being in the astral world are experiencing difficulties with movement. Even a simple movement from one corner of the room to the other can be a difficult task. The reason for this lack of control is simply that people not familiar with his astral body and its features. If you experience a feeling of weightlessness, you familiar with this problem. Thus, a newcomer to the astral world must once again do what he had done in early childhood - learning to walk. In exercising astral projection, you become a point of consciousness that surrounds the rather weak design of the shell of the subtle matter. The traffic here is provided by the power of thought, not muscles.

The first way of movement, which develops a beginner, is a strong-willed "push" themselves in the desired direction. Often it is a pushing sensation occurs somewhere in the region of the heart. To illustrate this point, consider a real example related to the field of controlled dreaming.

"I woke up in his sleep after a period of about two hours lying in bed, telling myself that I realize my dream. Becoming conscious, I saw in front of her room as clearly as if looking at her with his eyes open, even though he knew that they are actually closed. Here, I thought, "God, I succeeded! Now I want to get into the room, JC. "The first thing I noticed - is a complete lack of fear at the thought that I was in the astral world. On the contrary, I felt happiness and determination to plunge, so to speak, with his head in adventure . As a result, my mind was immediately ejected from the body.

I was really surprised at how real were all my feelings and how much of the dream bedroom look like a real, down to the position of some books on the shelf. Then I tried to turn back and look at my body, but I could not do it. It seems that the part of the room where the bed, compelling resists my attempts to look in this direction. When I tried to turn around, the direction of the bed was rotated with me all the time and turn out behind me.

In the end, my enthusiasm waned, and I turned his attention to other things.
Remembering that I wanted to get into the room JS I turned and looked at the door. It has been closed. Then I turned and looked back at the door - it was wide open! Surprised and delighted, I moved toward the door. But this time I was able to clearly recognize the way in which I moved, and it was not easy walking. Rather, it was like hovering, in which his feet were not involved. I moved simply because the thought of it, and the power source was somewhere in the region of the heart or chest ... "

So, to start a movement, while in the astral body, just do it. Do not think about what you're doing, just navigate to where you want, that's all. You must be an effort to start a movement to change direction and stop. Nothing more can be said about this, because this skill is mastered only by doing.
learning to lead themselves in motion, do not attempt to do anything immediately unbelievable. Slide along the floor, wanders far from the starting point and try to work on changing the speed of movement, until he has any experience.

It should be noted that, as in the physical, the astral world, too, there is the concept of inertia, although it is different from the usual. This inertia forces you to move for a while after you decide to stop. This way you can accidentally pass through the wall or ceiling and be in an unfamiliar place. Again, you can only advise to practice, and over time you will learn to move precisely, accurately and with the required speed.

Another point is that sometimes move in the astral world can be very difficult. Perhaps you remember the dreams that were trying to escape from something threatening, but, no matter how diligent efforts were not able to start moving quickly? Well, this is possible, and during out of body experience. In this case, if you try too hard, your astral travel can even premature end.

There is a classic book on astral projection, written Ofielom. It's called "The Art and Practice of Astral Projection." It describes a similar problem. As her explanation Ofiel leads such an idea: Sometimes you can be difficult to move in the small world, because at this point your consciousness moves from one to the other subplana.
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