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this term is used to refer to frequently occurring phenomenon "when the same" rights "simultaneously observed in two different places. This phenomenon is observed when the physical body is in one place and watch the astral double in the other. One reported case occurred on 21 September 1744. September 17 famous Neapolitan merchant Alfonso de Ligvori was imprisoned Arezzo. During the five days he refused food and staring at the ceiling of the chamber, lay motionless on a prison bunk. On the fifth day, he got up and told his captors that been at the deathbed of Pope Clement XIV. His presence at the bedside of the pontiff spoke and received confirmation that the Neapolitan was simultaneously in the two cities, although the distance between them was four days' journey.

One of the most striking cases of bi-location associated with the case of William McDonald, who was charged with attempted robbery apartment on Second Avenue in New York City. The case was heard on July 8, 1896, several people have confirmed that they saw the accused tried to take valuables. Attempts to apprehend him were unsuccessful, but the witnesses unanimously argued that a burglar was he.

A witness for the defense, is a professor at Wayne, who said that during the alleged robbery of William McDonald was on the cabaret scene, five miles from the crime scene, and hundreds of people can attest. It was found that in that ill-fated night McDonald was a willing participant hypnotic session, which was attended by a witness. The professor explained to the jury that "physically" MacDonald did not leave the scene, but, probably, "neighbors saw intangible emanation of the defendant."

Despite the partisan cross-examination conducted by the prosecutor, the jury announced MacDonald innocent.

No less striking case occurred in 1840 in Livonia with Emily Mademoiselle Saget. Despite the excellent professional quality young teacher fired at least nineteen times. It was because of her astral double constantly terrified the disciples. Usually, he repeated her movements in the classroom, though he could move on their own. Sometimes he strolled around the school corridors. As the visible outlines twin became more distinct manners of a young woman changed for the worse, and her physical health began to instill fear.

The chronicles of the Catholic Church also noted many cases of bi-location. So, in 1226, Saint Anthony of Padova was preaching in the temple city of Limoges. During the service, he remembered that he was waiting in a monastery on the outskirts of the city. Anthony pulled his hood, and a few minutes spent on your lap. The congregation waited patiently continue preaching. At the same time, at the other end of the monks saw the Saint Anthony emerged from behind the altar, prayed and suddenly disappeared.

Fans of eavesdropping and spying should be aware that the possibility of astral presence is available not only to them. I hope that the realization of this fact will allow some people to resist the nefarious deeds.

"The case of Wilmot," on the books in the "Bulletin of the Society for Psychical Research," convinces us that sometimes the presence of astral traveler can observe quite a stranger.

In October 1863, Mr. Wilmot was returning from a business trip to Liverpool to his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut. On the road, found him a fierce storm that erupted on October 3 and raged for nine days. In the evening of the eighth day Wilmot sleeping, and I saw dressed in a nightgown wife appeared in the doorway of the cabin. Seeing on the bed next to a stranger, while she did not dare to enter, but then went to her husband, she stroked his cheek and kissed him and left the room.

Waking up, Wilmot found that his neighbor Richard Tate looks at him with a smirk. "

"A guy does not miss you, I see, - said the neighbor. - As part of the female sex are you a whale."

Mr. Wilmot demanded an explanation, and was convinced that the story of a neighbor in the cabin is identical to his dream. Richard sudden appearance of the half-dressed woman was seriously puzzled. He suggested that the night could be a stranger Wilmot's sister Eliza, who was also on board the ship. However, when she went into the cabin, he realized that he had never seen the woman. Night stranger after a moment's hesitation ceased to pay attention to a complete stranger and a man quietly kissed Wilmot. Richard expressed his surprise at the apparent freestyle so for the time behaviors woman who, in his opinion, did not care about their reputation.
Therefore fantastic assumptions are not met Richard Wilmot. The next morning he tried to ask the neighbor's sister, Elisa but indignantly rejected the possibility of such vigils. Richard apologized and referred to the fact that "he was very puzzled."

The ship docked in Bridgeport, and met her husband's wife, she asked: "How did you like my visit last week?"

That night, when the storm began to abate, Mrs. Wilmot was lying in bed and mourned, as heard plenty of stories of shipwrecks. At about four in the morning, she decided to visit her husband and astral infiltrated the ship.

"Answer me, - she said her husband - are on the ship are the top shelf above the bottom? It was on the top bunk so I saw a strange man, and hardly dared to enter the cabin. Then I plucked up courage and went to the cabin, hug you, kiss and immediately went back home. "

Wilmot was a cabin in the stern, and therefore shelves arranged exactly as described by his wife.
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