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Astral worlds
when one is free from the physical body, it can go anywhere and do almost anything he wants. For example, you can visit the country, a visit which in ordinary life, you could not even dream of. Would you like to visit Mongolia? Nothing could be easier. One has only to go to the astral plane and wish. In less than a second, how your dream will come true.
Astral scope is not limited to the extent of our planet. You can go to Mars, Venus, or anywhere in the universe. Needless to say, one should start with a trip to familiar places that are far away from your home, at any distance limitation is very conditional.
possible to travel back in time - in the past or future. Would you like to learn more about the era of Henry VIII? Go back in time and learn about the life and customs of the time. You are interested in the events the next century? Get on the astral horse, and he will take you into the future. In the "Book of the third" work of Cornelius Agrippa, titled "Three books of occult philosophy," the author tells the story of a philosopher by the name Athey, who was in the road and came back, "knowledge-rich" (Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim, Three Books of Occult Philosophy , translated by James Freake, edited and annotated by Donald Tyson (St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1993), 629.).

As I've said in the astral travel is allowed almost everything. Traveling the astral worlds, remember that you are not dealing with the crude material world, but with its reflection. Accordingly, in the astral plane, there are certain limitations, both objective and subjective. Scientific experiments have shown that people on the astral plane can penetrate almost any place to get some information and remember it after returning from a trip. . Example, the day before the exam you can get into the locked audience and read the examination papers. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. In the astral plane is fairly easy to read something written on a piece of paper, but it is almost impossible to open a book or flipping its pages. So, if the examination papers are stacked, you can only read the top sheet.

Description of such experience leads Oliver Fox, in his book "Astral Projection". He was able to remember only two questions. The first question is of no practical interest, since he was very mediocre, but the second was kind of a surprise, because for many years it is not included in the examination list. According to Fox, he could not remember the other questions, as found "clear font originally began to spread out" as soon as he began to read, "the letter dull" began to run, fade or change its shape. "For such experiments Fox did not repeated, but recalling that first made a painful impression on him.

As already mentioned, there are also subjective restrictions that bear the personal, moral and ethical character. During astral travel people often falls into the delicate, ambiguous situations, when seen intimate sphere touches the lives of others. In this case, each received, in accordance with their own ideas of honor and dignity.

Personally, I am convinced that selfish and too curious Astral Voyager sooner or later pay the price for their behavior. Low thoughts Astral Traveler attract the infernal creatures, which are abundant in the astral world.

Thus, we touched another important issue that should be borne in mind, going into the astral flight. Before you go on a trip, you need to set a specific goal.

The desire for a particular purpose often causes spontaneous astral outputs in a dream, and when that happens, untrained people often experience severe turmoil. This happens spontaneously when released into the astral plane novice suddenly wakes up.
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