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The main concept of astral - silver cord, the astral body ...
Astral body is called the double of the physical body, which has a fine and the possibility of the existence of the organization in a different dimension. Sometimes it is called the etheric double. According to Hereward Carrington, the density of the astral body is one-millionth of the density of the physical body *. After numerous experiments, this researcher came to the conclusion that the astral body weighs about forty-odd grams.

During astral travel our ego is inside the astral body, and sometimes we realize. Sometimes the astral double felt as a replica of the physical body, with the exception that it does not feel pain and are not prone to physical ailments. Thus, astral travel are a great way to help people suffering from chronic diseases.

During the trip, not everyone is able to see his astral body, and the seers perceive it differently. Some feel his consciousness particle moving in space. This vision is common for people who have experienced astral flight in the border state. During the trip, many people represent themselves enclosed in a cocoon.

The astral body leaves the physical, passing through the aura of the forehead, known as the glabella, and returns to the occipital region. However, some people think that it simply transcends the physical body and in the same way back.

After death, all the astral bodies finally leave the physical shell. Sometimes you can watch over the newly dead raised some energy cloud, which indicates that the next incarnation of the earth over.

The connecting link between the astral and physical bodies is "silver cord."

Silver cord
under the silver cord means a light beam that connects the physical and astral bodies. He usually begins in the forehead of the physical body and ends at the navel astral body. Its color palette ranges from pale smoke gray to iridescent. In the esoteric literature of the silver cord is referred to as a line, rope, chain, string, duct, tape, magnetic thread, etc. In the book "In Search of the mysteries of Egypt" Brighton Paul calls it "the trace of silver light" and "mysterious psychic umbilical cord." Dr. A. Uilts wrote of him as "the finest yarn, similar to the web." In the book "Fundamentals of clairvoyance" Vincent Turney also mentions the web: "... this thread is like a cobweb, painted in silver tones and has the property of contract and expand like elastic cord." Staveley Balford claimed that when his astral body was far away from the physical body, "the cord looked like a thin ray of light."

Silver cord is elastic and can be stretched almost to infinity. Thus, the farther away from astral physical silver becomes the thinner thread. People who closely studied the silver cord, they say that it consists of a bundle of twisted strands securely attached at both ends.
Some people describe the silver cord as a throbbing vitality. Dr. Robert Krukell refers to the experiences of a young African, who claimed that his cord radiated "phosphorescent light."

Not all astral travelers notice the silver cord. This occurs only when a person holds a look at "left" behind the physical body. As a rule, these people, before going on a trip, looked at its shell.

The reason that some people see the silver cord, and others - not, is the fact that the cord itself rather imaginary and is a familiar physical object.

As evidence of the reality of astral output William Gerardi led the presence of silver cord. "How can we distinguish a dream from reality? Take a look at the glowing trail behind you!" Elsewhere he writes: "Maybe I died without regaining consciousness? I. .. turned around and saw my faithful companion - the silver cord."

Many believe that the gap silver cord means certain death. Mr. X was present at the death of his wife. According to him, at the moment of agony from the body of his wife separated some energetic smoke that hovered over the dead body, forming a kind of ghostly double of his wife. Astral double communicated with the physical body with the "cord" which "suddenly broke." Dr. Burgess, who was also present at the deathbed, claims that Mr. X "never read occult literature," and his mental state at the time of death of the wife "does not allow allow the thought of possible hallucinations."

Experienced a similar experience, Dr. RB Hout, who was present at the death of her aunt. The first thing he saw was "vague outlines of a certain air of substance." This mist became more pronounced contours of the body and become moribund. "Look-alike was as if suspended in a horizontal position, a few centimeters above the physical body. Suddenly inner eye witness saw some silvery substance that connects the body." I first became aware of it. Body and soul joined with silver cord, just as the umbilical cord unites mother and child. The cord was round, perhaps two and a half centimeters in diameter, and emitting an iridescent silvery light. He seemed to be filled with the energy of life. "Dr. Haut saw a pulsating stream of light flowing through the cord. With each surge" anergy flowed from the physical to the astral body. He watched as the strands of silver cord broken off one by one as long as the "last line was not broken and the spiritual body finally freed."
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