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That summer, when I had my first astral flight, I learned to water ski and found that as soon as I started to pull on the cable itself, immediately fell into the water. Realizing that this effort too, I immediately reached the desired effect.

Similar problems arise with the astral output. Any resistance or tension instantly bring you back to the physical shell.

Having been in the astral plane, you will surely get rid of these problems, as your experience will be as enjoyable and exciting that inevitably will want to repeat it again. As in the other; affairs, the first experience is always associated with certain difficulties.

Personally, I am convinced that, without further ado, it is necessary to focus on the breath and simply wish to leave the body.

Some people do it for a few seconds, others take a few minutes. Do not worry if the first attempt fails, due to various reasons a person can take up to half a year to go to the astral plane. When you first sat behind the wheel of a car, the prospect of learning to drive can seem quite problematic. Then came a quantum leap in learning, and now you are not experiencing any problems, driving his car automatically. The process of entering the astral plane also requires a certain amount of skill and training time depends on the skills and abilities of the individual.

If that fails, the next day, try to repeat the experience. Repeat it day after day, as long as there will not be successful, and that moment comes - perhaps when you are least expecting it.

Now let's say you did well and glide over his physical body. Feast your eyes on him, look at how calmly and quietly, it looks like. Mentally tell them to move themselves into the opposite corner of the room. Ahead of thought, the astral body will obey your wishes.

Feel wall, they may seem hard or soft, depending on whether "dense" your astral double helpful. With one hand, try to grope themselves. In the astral plane, your body will seem ephemeral.

By turns inspect all corners of the room to make sure that you are able to instantly power of thought to move in space.

Completing the experience, imagine returning to the physical body, and that happens in a split second. Returns may be smooth and calm, but sometimes it occurs abruptly and unexpectedly, like a landing with a parachute. Whatever may have been a smooth jump, landing is always associated with hard contact with the ground.

After a short flight within the room such as usually happens. It's safe to say that the longer the flight, the more unpleasant the return. I've never felt anything like what happened to the twelve-year experience Silvan Muldoon while returning after the first astral travel. Going back to the physical body, he felt a sharp piercing pain.

If possible, I try to avoid discomfort. To this end, first I'm going back to my room, and only then - in physical form. However, this is not always possible, as sometimes happens return against our will.

Returning to the body, do not move for a minute or two. This condition is essential, especially for spontaneous, sudden return.

Recall what they saw in the astral plane and start to rebound at the expense of one to five. Open your eyes and stretch.

Rising from his chair, grab pens and write down their impressions. Scrupulous precision records later you will have an invaluable service. For example, you may find some circumstance or scene that is repeated from flight to flight. This will draw the appropriate conclusions, or to inquire more this situation in future travels.

Having been in the astral plane, you want as quickly as possible to get there again. It is possible that you will feel the regret of what your astral experience is limited outside of the room, while you want to raise the curtain on a great variety of unexplored worlds. In addition, you will want to make sure that what happened was not a dream.

In the next trip should be sent no earlier than one day, as the astral output expended a lot of energy, and you need time to recover mental strength. When the output of the astral plane would be a way of life for you, you will be able to leave his body several times a day. However, in the initial stages of the astral experience should not be abused and newfound ability to run down their psyche.

In addition, the break between flights is necessary for a clear understanding of what happened. If you would like to share their experiences, be careful, because some friends rejoice with you and others would react to the story with skepticism. Someone your story will seem idle fiction. Family members are not always supportive of the kind of experiments. Typically, pets have an unconscious fear of astral and fear that sooner or later you will not be able to return to the physical body. In this case, none of the arguments do not help to convince them otherwise.
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