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The author of "The projections of the astral body" Sylvan Muldoon recommend total abstinence from food and water. According to him, hungry and thirsty person is more prone to the astral door. "I stick to the opposite point of view. When I followed his advice, I found that my thoughts about food nullify all the efforts to think about anything else. So before astral traveling I prefer to have a snack, and not starve.
seems to me that mental renunciation of all earthly much more effective than any post. most people with a western mindset is very difficult to enter into a state of detachment from worldly. Usually, as soon as we sit down to relax, come to mind thoughts of everyday household chores, unpaid bills, etc. No. All of this should be a time to forget.

Many people feel the most comfortable bed launching pad for astral takeoff. This is logical, since virtually all spontaneous astral outs occur during sleep. However, the first experiments is best done sitting in a comfortable reclining chair (such as sun loungers), or on the couch. The reason for this choice is that the bed is habitually associated with sleep, and it would be unforgivable to fall asleep during the preparatory relaxation. Personally, I prefer a chair, as was convinced that from a sitting position go out to the astral plane faster.

Next to the chair (or couch), put the notebook and pen to write down immediately after the return of their experiences. Sometimes, however, the astral experience is so intense and impressive that memories of it remain in memory for a long time. However, memories can disappear almost immediately, like a dream. Iram tells of one case where a clear and distinct impressions lost from memory as soon as he put pen to paper.

Before you go on a trip, you can perform a ritual to protect the physical body. I have never been cases where such protection would be needed, but extra precaution in one day can be helpful. This ritual is known as "psychic protection".

There are many ways to secure your physical body. In most cases it will require water and salt. Salt crystals represent the element of earth, and the water is related to parallel "psychic" worlds. Thus, before the journey will be useful to take a bath salt. Typically, a person takes a bath for hygienic purposes. Therefore, during the water procedure should think about the security features that you lay on the salt water. At the end of bathing rub the body with a rough towel and go to the astral plane, or naked, or in a pure free clothes.

The water and salt may be used otherwise. Sometimes put a pinch of salt in four places, symbolizing the main points of the compass. You can sprinkle water on an imaginary protective circle. One of my friends, and combines elements from the sprinkler sprays salt water.

I know a man who puts four lighted candles. One of my students baptized in the four corners of the world and says a short prayer.

The method that I use is to create an imaginary protective "cloud" of pure white light. I can imagine how the light is not only surrounds me, but permeates every cell of the body. While the light barrier remains with the physical body, I am taking it with a particle in astral travel.

As already mentioned, in most cases, the protection is not necessary, but, since you are concerned about the insecurity left by the body, use one of the appropriate rites.

In the room where performed astral experiences, the air temperature must not fall below twenty degrees Celsius. Clothing should be light and loose. Travel naked as it is not forbidden. Throw yourself on a light sheet.

Try not to cross your hands or feet. This condition must be observed, because the crossed limbs prevent astral exit.

Give yourself the installation of the fact that immediately after the relaxation you leave the physical form and go on a trip. Focus on this idea and repeat it like a mantra, for two minutes.

Now it is necessary to formulate the goal. The first time it is not difficult - in your plan is the intention to leave the physical shell and a little fly around the room. Keep in mind that during the first astral exit to leave the room is not recommended.

Do this exercise for progressive relaxation, which you will learn by experimenting with a mental journey. Reaching full relaxation, focus on your breathing, which should be deep, smooth and rhythmic.
Realize the physical body, the surroundings and any unusual noises. Focus on the inner "I", which is to be calm, but focused on the expectation.

Once again, think about how important and desirable is coming your experience. Without straining, try to leave the physical body. In practice this is not easy. Reason should be relaxed, and at the same time focus at the exit of the physical body. Think about the importance of the experience of its urgent need.

Direct the mind in the forehead, that is the place from which will be carried out. When you reach it, you may have a sense of immersion, and the flight of some vibration. Skin can feel a tickle, as the touch of a pen. When one of these sensations will be distinct, surrender to the will of the updraft and soar above the physical body.
It is possible that even the first astral experiences happen easily and naturally. On the other hand, do not be upset if I have to make several attempts. A major obstacle for newcomers is fear, which some have in the event of a sense of immersion or flight. At this moment consciousness, obeying the feeling of fear of the unknown is returned back into the physical body.

Feeling the fall will not be something new for you - most people do not just try it out before you fall asleep. So as soon as you feel something like this, remember that it is - a good sign. Rather than be scared, enjoy this feeling. If you manage to somehow amplify it, the first astral yield significantly facilitated, even though I know it's easier said than done.
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