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Power take. Dreamlike space. Lucid Dreaming
In the waking state of psychic energy is distributed in the human physical body with its concentration in certain areas that have increased awareness, such as the eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, head in general, hands, arms, feet, etc. When a person falls asleep almost the entire His energy is contracted to the solar plexus, and then an invisible normal vision harness channel its energy flows into a double.

If you carefully observe the moment of sleep, we can see that the outflow of energy from the hands, head, feet and other parts of the body, which manifests itself in the form of complete relaxation. Then, you can feel like in the solar plexus on the front wall of the abdomen, this energy is accumulated in the warm swells ball and falling asleep in a moment of complete it very quickly falls away into an area in front of us, about the same volume as the physical body. This departure of the energy of consciousness due to a strange kind of sleeper - we see only his physical body without his psychic aura usual waking state.

Energy double or twin floats in the ocean of ether, feeding off the energy of the vacuum, and he is unconscious, feasting upon the life-giving substance and sometimes only for a short time he wakes up. In the world of tonkoenergeticheskih forms, substances and essences psychoanalysts call it the collective unconscious psychic space that is common to all men, and occultists call it the astral plane of reality. To dream is to be in an altered state of consciousness, that is, the so-called second attention. Dreamlike space has amazing flow properties, multidimensionality feelings and experiences, it is possible to implement and embody all the most fantastic dreams and secret desires. The common man in the dream unconsciously rests and restores its energy potential, and in the dream removes the contradiction of consciousness and the unconscious, as with dreams, he realizes his unsatisfied desires and manifests the repressed feelings and emotions, and then he feels rested and as if reborn.

Some people know the amazing properties of dream space and learn to consciously use them for their spiritual and mental development. According to the teachings of the Controlled dreams, the researchers first accumulate a large amount of psychic energy in order to reduce the time relaxing in the usual unconscious part of the dream, and then they build their dream body, ie learn to be conscious in a state of identification with their energy double. This is achieved through the practice of everyday careful tracking of the process of falling asleep - it is very important to remain fully conscious. Also, being in the normal waking state, they are set on a day-conscious dreams at night, allowing himself to remember the order in the dream. This practice takes a lot of time and effort, it includes all kinds of special techniques and exercises, such as falling asleep every day in the same body position, preferably on the right side, as worn on the head of a special squeezing her bandage that during sleep part of the consciousness to remain awake. You need to have a great deal of time and willpower to keep that attitude into conscious dreaming for months and years. Then, this practice will bring astonishing results.

First, in the moment of self-consciousness in sleep perception and control it will be vague and elusive, so in practice the transfer of a dream kakih-nibud important objects of this world, for example, it is possible to study its long hours, pattern wallpaper, the furniture in his room, etc. This is done in order to see these things in a dream - remember your mindset to a conscious dream for them to catch attention and make the dream of stable and controllable.

Once the dream state of consciousness becomes conscious and constant dreamer begins to explore revealed to him the other facet of the world. There, he can open his paranormal abilities to communicate with amazing people and entities, comprehend complex laws of the universe, the human mind and energy; all of which bears little resemblance to the usual constructive imagination or visualization - a dreamlike space of all sensations, actions, events, and experiences are absolutely real and obey the laws of the world of the second attention. The knowledge and skills learned there can be transferred to our world first attention.

But it is very dangerous to engage in lucid dreaming with selfish and aggressive intentions, and people with poor mental institution - can cause a very sinister and negative experiences that are very natural and very active, which can lead to dire consequences for such Psychonauts.

Very important self-control and purity of thoughts for these trips, as with prolonged practicing these skills, the world of dreams and the waking world begin to penetrate and overlapping one another in the form of stable independent of hallucinations, voices, visions, and other things, and it can withstand and control the mind is not each person. Therefore, the dreamer is very important to be able fully manage their emotions and nurture the spirit of dispassionate study of alienation and control everything that happens to him.
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