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On the question of combat magic and the "magical wars"
Source:'s dcircle.narod.ru
 Author: © Gray Knight., published: 0000-00-00
 On the battle magic and "magic Wars"
 By writing this article, I have prompted several conversations that took place between me and my students. I quite unexpectedly discovered that a youthfully modern audience the concept of magic voodoo war took quite peculiar features of this concept. Moreover, I was surprised that on the subject in general need to explain something, but the number of questions asked to me and the overall focus of the information on this topic, I observed on the Internet (and I now turn to the Internet audience), convinced me that still need to explain. So, I'll try.
 According to a well-defined reasons that will be discussed further, magic wars in my own understanding is what all and sundry, and who knows anything, they say, "in the subject." Koldunku not start a couple of times to make sure their own ability aggressive action to reality as his fragile brain immediately comes perfectly valid and logically justified idea, namely, the fact that he was not the only one smart. Other smart, in turn, do not force yourself to wait long and appear in the life of our neophyte has consistently following the famous adage "birds of a feather ..." (or, if you like, "shit to shit ..."). With some of them immediately become friends until death, developing into circles, orders, covens, etc., on the other hand - the same strength and the degree of enthusiasm to invest implacable hostility. And here is the time to highlight the first sign that certainly exciting, a process which, however, is not a magical war - a conflict on the basis of human interests, and interests, to put it mildly, not very significant. Next warring camps begin to exchange portions of energy-diarrhea, which may be proud of the name, such as "astral attacks," "guidance," "magical duels" and the like - terminological creativity knows no bounds. Select the second feature - usually about the middle of a war power of the opposing sides already polluted to the limit, however, no reason, no corpse. And the third, which is directly related to the previous - from 50 to 100% of energy waste in the brains of each side has a "native" origin, that is, comes from the same of their own brains, which is acquired. Then any suspicious physical or mental sensation is perceived as a sign of another resulting "shock", which, for some reason, each party unspeakably happy, and symptoms, respectively, is proud of. Then, waking or sleeping, "warrior" begin to visit "sent down" astral beings, and then ... As a general rule, not pleasing relatives psychiatric diagnosis and the corresponding medical measure (usually about the same time for the upcoming both sides). Depending on the degree of mental strength and the degree of effort the whole process takes from one to ten years.
 Now highlight the features of the process, which can be called magical war, in the sense in which I understand it - combat magician. Outset that military conflicts between valid magicians are extremely rare and are related, for the most part, with the redistribution of LIVE zones of influence. Our country since the beginning of the eighties to mid-nineties, was less fortunate - too many to raise his head held magicians, forced for a time to sit in the underground, too tidbit as a substantially pure astral in the disintegrating Soviet Union. But these factors, provoked perhaps one of the greatest magic wars rather be called historical Energoinformational-geopolitichekim curiosity, if you will. It was over, this is no more. But the general rule is - the cause of this magical war has its roots in magic and, once again, is serious enough to creatures, most of them non-aggressive and tolerant of each other, began to kill. And it is - a key concept in the subject under consideration. Killed in the war on it and the war. Directing the spell on the usual "two-legged pryamohodyachego" can not afford to work in a slipshod manner and do not get into, or extend the suffering of the victim in the months and years to come. In a magical war, when the failure to solve the problem with the first blow usually ends with losing (and losing, and death here - one and the same), the right to not delay. Magee, unlike koldunkov that are in different stages of puberty, are well aware of their own capabilities and the capabilities of their own kind. Therefore, if you can surprise the enemy to use firearms or knives, explosives or poison, as well as other physical means for the destruction of living things - these tools are used, without delay, the benefit that is not subject to the possibility of criminal and legal forms of state coercion at the magician disproportionately higher than that of non-mage. War of Magic - is, first of all, the ability to quickly and accurately to die, and when that understanding is there, there is a willingness to use anything to prevent it. I saw the previous one (for me) Grand Master of the Order of the last limit of 30 hours of continuous magical duel in full astral stopped the heart of the witch that had previously called his wife, and did it because she, using only existing for her ability to become a Great master summoned him for this fight. And he, in turn, did not want to give her the Order. And did not want to die. Since the death of the magician during the fight - it's not just death. This non-existence. This is the end - a full and final.
 So, let us summarize the above. Those "magical war", which you can hear so much on the internet, as such, of course, are not. Are not, in the first place because they do not consider themselves as such the participants. Not believing in their own capabilities and not wanting to develop them, they choose the simplest form of self-assertion and ready to deal with it for years, but did not move on. I repeat once again - like "warriors" are his "war" is being deliberately sure that no one had killed themselves or they had not been killed. So, prove to the world and to themselves that they are playing with toys and are no different from the same tolkiyenistov. Expect a blow that will surely be fatal, so uncomfortable that the phone is a familiar killer himself constantly catches your eye. And the magic - is, first of all, the art of creating. This is an opportunity to change the world forever. War is the same - death, blood and tattered soul to shreds. But even VICTORY
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