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Item 4. Classification of communicating with other worlds.

1) Spontaneous contactee. Typically, a person with a flair for the primordial archetypical work, but initially not particularly interested in it. Gathers (often unintentionally) vnemirovuyu number of publicly available information. Use it for their own development. The most common problem of spontaneous contactees - distrust of self, inability to organize the information and properly dispose of it. And just to make contact is not spontaneous and random.

2) Custom contactee. Knows how to consciously manage their contacts and for the benefit of themselves to dispose of information received. Usually he has a few regular, well-known and reliable sources.

3) A visionary. Collects the necessary information from reliable

sources for its subsequent transfer to his world as

public through books, sermons, music, etc. Visionary

generally interested in any one subject (other civilizations,

Karma, constructive or destructive force, etc. etc.)

4) Heosoznanny visionary. A practitioner of art, in which porizvedeniyah independently of his will present inomirovaya more information or subconscious setting to receive it, inadvertently acting on the reader and listener. ("Buggy" artists, art-rock groups, etc.)

5) Vnemirovoy functionality. The person (or non-human), voluntarily took upon himself a mission unrelated to the worlds in which it is currently located. Most often associated with the archetypical mission work.

We present a classification of functional vnemirovyh:

1. "Thermometers" (in fact, this title is not able to adequately translate) - creatures that live in the worlds, but have great potential for vnemirovoy work, through which the number of observers keepers worlds (vnemirovyh, not the Lord God :) connected to the noosphere of the total Peace and judge on the state of the civilization. "Thermometer" is to know that he is such, that he will not be tempted to influence the observations. It can simultaneously maintain any contacts and taking on any mission.

2. Emissaries of roads - live in worlds of subjects vnemirovyh structures that carry the civilization of knowledge of these structures, as well as pick up of the indigenous inhabitants of the world staff for possible work in the structure. There are both embodied and non-embodied.

3. Emissaries any different. Vnemirovym belong to different structures and carry out their houses in other worlds, mainly through archetypical networks and roads.

4. Binders. Hakaplivayut information and pass it from one world (of course, not chaotic, but with a purpose.) Coordinate certain number of worlds or any part vnemirovyh structures.

5. Coordinators archetypical networks. Hoosfericheskaya network has a certain way-functioning information field, covering any part of the universe. Haprimer, a network of law and order, the network of cultural links between the worlds, the temporal network, information linking the past and the future, etc. In obyazonnosti coordinator archetypical network includes:

a) the direct use - Access and transfer of information;

b) update, joining a network eovyh sites, accumulation of new information, as well as the improvement of the network;

c) eliminating gaps;

d) Protection of the order of the network, monitoring the compliance of network ethics among the users.

However, the main task of the coordinator - is the exercise of the functions mezhmirovoy "first aid", such as - search for missing persons and criminals, providing cultural care for newborns or fading civilizations, restoration of balance in the worlds or vnemirovyh structures, assistance in repairing the law and justice, and t . etc. d (This is certainly true for networks prinadlazhaschih dobrotvornym forces, while the nasty nasty networks and coordinators). (To carry out these missions at the disposal of the right to use force coordinator and knowledge of all network objects.

[In short, as the coordinators say - do not look for our place to live will be calmer. And in fact, and can kill, coordinator of the network - face significant :) and a lot of bad elements in the teeth navyazshee ...]
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