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Item 2. Safety.

a) obsession. The obsession with foreign person is dangerous in most cases. It can allow only with its partners in the reconciliation or permanent manifestation, which you know well and trust. And then, in the presence of a person who is able to bring you out of this condition and help you neutralize its effects. Attempts archetypical murder, forcible subjection of consciousness, suggestion needed some action among the most dangerous obsession and requires an immediate exorcism.

b) Hoosfericheskaya obsession. Is usually safe. Provided that you or a third party can at any time to end this state and in your power not to give nooosfericheskoy obsession turn into obsession. (An example of this escalation: your consciousness imperceptibly owner takes possession of information that you are looking for at the moment): (

c) Combination. The most important thing - to take into account external circumstances (time does not fall into the swamp, not to run into the police, which is clearly interested in your inappropriate behavior :), etc.) At long practice of combining works enough practice of combining instant break at the slightest external threat (in your world) . For beginners, it is desirable to combine the presence of a free person who guards combined. Just remember that any border state (trans) is safe as long as you can out of it fast and free to leave.

d) For single combination of true everything said by the previous paragraph. The advantage of one-way matching is that in the event of a world providimom something dangerous or unpleasant can be immediately shut down.

e) The manifestation. If you are a developer, you have someone affects you (such as your body Sauron imperious gesture accelerates :) Gopnik, the main point of safety - it does not allow guests to take (more on you) too much, then you have to make do what you do in a free state, by definition, can not (in other words, do not try to walk through walls, even if your current guest it may, you're unlike him, is material :). If the developer is a guest, the above should be attributed to him (not accustom elf smoke, and Sauron to Coca-Cola, the more it will then go and beg :).

f) The constant expression. All ethics on the conscience of partners. (And anyway, Saur, stop making Misty light a cigarette fifth half an hour :)

g) Permanent connection. Raging Palantir usually uncontrollable and dangerous. First, you can obtain on the face of those who, unwittingly, stealing information: (so if is the fate bestowed you with this misfortune, learn to put the archetypical stronger protection) Second, the alien may become confused with the information from your all the ensuing consequences (and you start to talk about the lesson of Zoology digestion dragon :). The only prootivoyadie - meticulously organize any foreign information. It is very useful to record, as recorded is usually easier to forget.

h) The spontaneous appearance of strange matrix. Voznaknovenie invariants I - a natural process and the subconscious self, without the participation of consciousness to cope with it. If you are suddenly able to "give birth" completely "alien" matrix, you have to provide it with the opportunity to prepare for a free life (the process is too individual to write about him something in common).
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