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Item 3. What visitors should keep an stairs.

1) Too intrusive. The creature does not leave you alone even for your most urgent request. Guest who wants normal contact with you, respects you.

2) Requiring. Sometimes, to put you at the mercy of themselves, guest starts to demand some action, such as: the bringing of sacrifices completely unfamiliar rituals, drug use, running away from home, falling out with friends, etc. Decent guest will never require anything from you, it would be devastating for you. A commission of his proposed rituals likely provide him with the right magic to subdue you.

3) Open declaring themselves to be messengers of the Absolute Truth. It recruiters.

4) extol you to the skies. H and a friendly personality will not inspire you to think of conquering the world or save humanity. Offering you is you only as a tool.

5) were mixed with the mud you. Like, in a past life, you have betrayed us, just try and make amends. Or, you worthless narcissistic jerk to cease to be so, it is necessary to do so-and-toto. Friendly advisers do not start with this ever.

6) Hastoychivo climbing a teacher. Hastoyaschy teacher will wait patiently until you yourself will choose it.

7) Not leaving you the opportunity to check their information even logic.

8) Hastoychivo telling you your past or future. Often appear friendly personality, willing to bring you into a world that you left for karmic reasons, but they do not tell, and give you the strength to remember the most, regardless of their parish.

9) Attributable to throw mud at someone.

10) I promise you with three boxes. And others like them frightening and threatening.

11) No objective reason to avoid an answer to your questions relating to him and himself. And in general - you can only believe that the information obtained in this way, which of course for you to believe. If you are a convinced pacifist, do not force the visitor to convince you to believe, to declare to you that you're a bloody murderer (of course, if you yourself, regardless of the guest do not remember). Respond to requests from guests about some footwork type of worship, travel somewhere, sermons, etc. harmless only if the first, you know his guest for a long time, and secondly, he clearly explained why it is necessary and what are the side effects.

Item 4. Classification of communicating with other worlds.

1) Spontaneous contactee. Typically, a person with a flair for the primordial archetypical work, but initially not particularly interested in it. Gathers (often unintentionally) vnemirovuyu number of publicly available information. Use it for their own development. The most common problem of spontaneous contactees - distrust of self, inability to organize the information and properly dispose of it. And just to make contact is not spontaneous and random.

2) Custom contactee. Knows how to consciously manage their contacts and for the benefit of themselves to dispose of information received. Usually he has a few regular, well-known and reliable sources.

3) A visionary. Collects the necessary information from reliable

sources for its subsequent transfer to his world as

public through books, sermons, music, etc. Visionary

generally interested in any one subject (other civilizations,

Karma, constructive or destructive force, etc. etc.)

4) Heosoznanny visionary. A practitioner of art, in which porizvedeniyah independently of his will present inomirovaya more information or subconscious setting to receive it, inadvertently acting on the reader and listener. ("Buggy" artists, art-rock groups, etc.)

5) Vnemirovoy functionality. The person (or non-human), voluntarily took upon himself a mission unrelated to the worlds in which it is currently located. Most often associated with the archetypical mission work.
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