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2. Paralysis after a seemingly successful projection

When this happens, everything seems to go wrong, you feel everything should feel heavier, rumbling of the heart chakra, vibration, etc., but nothing happens. You're lying, unable to move, feel easy, weightless. It is a form of active paralysis.

What has happened is that you have joined the projection reflex, the etheric body has expanded, but the astral body to free herself only partially. This is active during sleeping projection.

To this did not happen, increase efforts in climbing the rope. Attach to it all his will, all the power. That should be enough to fully disconnection occurred. If it does not, then most likely you already have projected and focused on his physical and etheric body.

If you think this is such a case, and you can not break free, use it. Observe all, experiment, feel, try to see through the lids, try to look behind him. Even you can try to go into a lucid dream. Focus on the imagination, in the place that you want to visit. Build it in your imagination, so you will be able to enter into it.

About this phenomenon is not so much known. If you find ways to deal with this, or anything at all, send me an e-mail. I'll include your findings in the next version to help others with this problem.

3. Fear

A lot of people have written to me that he felt fear during projection. Some people have a natural barrier that must be overcome. Some call it "protect the borders." This is a manifestation of your inner fears, much like the children's irrational fear of the dark, fear of the unknown.

Many felt that they were waiting for something evil, or an evil spirit tries to stop their projection. It should accept with courage. Think of it as a test, an exam that must pass in order to freely projected. Once you project and run with it, you will see that it is the phantom menace, which will dissipate.

In my life I have projected hundreds of times, and I've no one attacked. True, I had a strong feeling of fear at first conscious projection.

It is important to understand the following: You are immune to the astral form, your body has an excellent defense. Your expanded etheric body will react immediately at the slightest invasion or the unfriendly. Regardless of how far you're up, it will pull you instantly.

Ways to help overcome fear:

- Project a day.

- Leave a dim light in the apartment.

- To project together with other (collective projections).

- Ask God to protect you.

4. Recall all

During projection, everything seems OK, but you only remember what lay in bed and fell asleep. The problem is remembering experienced in the astral plane.

Here's what you can do about it. As soon as you wake up, sit down, and think. Find a couple of minutes to spare for it every morning. This will help you remember the dreams and projections.

In these moments will drive away in the mind of key phrases until they come across something. For example: I was walking ... I was talking to ... I was going to ... I was over ... I have flown over ... I had a ... I was inside ... These are examples of phrases that can be the beginning of those memories. You should keep a few more sentences.

It may seem that you have nothing to remember, but you have to invest heavily in it. Do you have something to remember, but it sits deep in you, and you should get it. Once you're hooked on something, you start to remember. You'd be surprised how much you can remember this way.

It is important to write down what you remember. Memories may seem vivid and unforgettable, but they disappear after a few minutes if you do not record them. A few key phrases will suffice.

Another way of remembering - this is to give yourself post-hypnotic instructions before being projected, or before going to bed. This may be a kind of installations. For example, something like: "I will remember all that I will be doing tonight." Repeat this over and over until you get tired of doing it.

Finally, it will help you if you have a specific purpose in each projection. Couple this with the settings and program yourself for it. For example, I'm going to the beach, and all will remember ..... I'm going to the beach, and all will remember ......

Finally, remember that the first few projections should be very short. This is mandatory. It is better to have a 30-second projection, you will remember what the night walks you forget it.
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