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Problems projection

Here I will give answers to the most frequent problems encountered by people during projection. Thank you all for the hundreds of letters that you wrote to me. Your feedback helps me to improve this monograph, which will help everyone. If you have written to me and have not received a response within a week - write to me again. Sometimes I lose a few letters.

Most people believe this visualization is too complex and a waste of precious energy. Visualization - a huge problem throughout the projection technique. To overcome it, I developed a simple and effective method.

The most common problems are:

1. The Presentation of Self in front of his body.

2. Paralysis after a seemingly successful projection.

3. Fear.

4. Thinking back projection.

1. The problem of visualizing

Shifting the consciousness out of the body via submission - the simplest way of putting pressure on the astral body. This can be done in many ways different from what I gave earlier. The greatest difficulty lies in the fact that you have to present yourself in a different position.

For example, you are lying on your back. You are in a horizontal position and try to imagine yourself standing in an upright position at the bottom of your bed. For this reason, the projection is easier to produce from a sitting position. On the chair you are in an upright position and imagine yourself standing in front of an upright position. When you sit or stand, you are in an upright position. Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying on the floor and you'll see what I mean.

This is not the only difficulty. Any visualization in which you have to present yourself in a different place - not natural, and therefore extremely difficult. I'm sure this is the cause of most failures. During this lost a large amount of energy which could be used during the projection.

Visualization - a big obstacle for people who have decided to project. Many people with this problem, because they feel that they should actually see what they imagine, in fact, this is not necessary. During imaging, the people, in fact, do not see anything. If he sees that this is not the visualization, and clairvoyance.

Visualization - the ability to design a simple appearance that we want to see or feel your inner vision. It is more appropriate term "fantasy", an imaginary perception of reality. A lot of people who say they do not know how to visualize, able to create complex fantasy.

To overcome this problem, I developed a simple mental technique of hands, which, in fact, doing the same thing. If you deal with the mental exercise of hands during relaxation, then you should have no problem with that.


Mental projection of hands

Use attach a rope (or tape) to the ceiling above the bed or on a chair. Place it so that it hangs down over your chest, in the reach of your hands. IF you are using a chair, put her foot in front of the field in arm's reach. NOTE: This is just a visual reference.

Before you execute the following projection, try to get hold of the tape by hand. Remember how you do it, what a feeling you experience during this. You will use this tape to get out of your body.

Start a projection as described in T retey Parts

. When you go into a trance state, rather than to present yourself in front of your body, pull yourself with your mental hands. Remove the tape his mental hands and imagine that climb up the rope. Feel like you are coming off of his body at every jerk. It is important to ensure that no muscle is not tensed. Attach to that all his efforts, all his will.

When you use mental hands to get out of your body, you can stop the "conscious breathing". Your consciousness is occupied only by turning up on the tape, any other exercises to do. This will give you an opportunity to use your mental energy in one direction only - projecting, instead of wasting it on complex exercise in visualization.

During the lifting on the tape, imagine how you come off of his body. Imagine how you rise with every jerk. Feel free to. You feel a slight sense of ease in the depths of the stomach (solar plexus), as the attention goes to the astral body.
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