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When the astral and etheric body is fully understood, focus on each of them at close range, and will improve two-way telepathic connection. This adds confusion, and I do not advise you to do it too often. Physical / etheric and astral I am I will clearly see each other at the same time. You will see from the eyes of each other for themselves, while at the same time recognizing themselves in each body and seeing two different themselves at the same time. It looks like a telepathic interplay of two opposing mirrors, which form a sort of infinity - a reflection reflection reflection reflection, etc.

This is an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition can be avoided by not looking at each other and did not think about each other during the projection.

Since then, and begins a long way to explaining the chaos and confusion of dreams. Consciousness is shared by a very good reason, and both parts are there and act independently.

I experienced this phenomenon while projecting a lot of time. I studied it because I was curious how I would feel my physical in the immediate vicinity. Were confused memories that I do two things at once. That is, aware of all the noise and the events in the house and on the street, at the same time projecting. About this duality is also reported by many other proektsionistov, but never fully explained or understood it.

Here is a case of when I first experienced duality and telepathic relationship.

I was meditating in his chair by the fire, and as soon as rain began to drum on the roof, I went back to normal. The wind picked up, and the windows started popping. I looked at my watch: it was three in the morning. It was not unusual, sometimes I miditiruyu all night. I felt rested and full of energy. I thought, "I've never projected in the rain. Wonder how is it?"

Closed his eyes again, and soon, I was already out of his body.

After going through the wall, I went out of the rain. How wonderful it was that feeling of humidity. I could feel every drop of flying through me. The smell of rain and moisture were everywhere, and it seemed like it fills me with energy. I flew to the roof, sat on the chimney and looked around the city. I have seen the rain playing on rooftops and streets flowing through the drains. I thought he was a friendly singing: "I drink, I spritz, gurgle me, spank me." These moments were very pleasant.

Sitting on the roof, I noticed that I felt my body in a chair beneath you. I am often intrigued, as I feel my physical body was not far from it, but not when I'm away from it. Slipped back through the roof, I decided to read the generated is better.

Suddenly I saw myself I fly over the wall and sitting in a chair. This I sat in the chair and looked at myself, I fly over the wall, but at the same time it is moving forward and I looked at myself sitting in the chair. It's not so much led me astray, as made to feel unwell.

I had two visions, two minds, all the same and all the same - it was amazing. But it is not meaningless. Why is the physical body needs to stop thinking at the time, when the astral is out of it?

Astral I was moving around the room, watching the body in the chair. I could see his astral I, even when it was the back of my physical body. I felt in his chair, trying to keep track of the astral body in the room. It cost a lot of effort, since I had no energy to move. I felt like a giant body, trying to move through the medium enormous density. I slid my opinion, but physically no movement occurred.

My mind was clearest in the etheric and the astral body at the same time. That's so easy my physical I see my astral I at any angle. My etheric body is literally spun under the skin. This ability to see through closed eyelids in any direction was marked by many proektsionistov and meditirueschimi.

This duality is very much like the feelings that schizophrenics experience during the crisis. Nausea, lack of energy, the multiplicity of ways of thinking and a sense of disorientation. Maybe this confusion stems from the fact that their astral body moves? The only way to find out - is to examine them during their crisis of the astral plane.

After studying the air / physical body from the astral form I came to the following conclusions:

Usually during sleep, essential, or in other words the energy body (or life jacket), expands and acts like a solar battery. It inflates and opens, allowing the astral body to free herself, as long as it absorbs the energy of the (space?).

When it is expanded, all the chakras, the main and secondary, slowly open like flowers in the garden and start to capture and absorb energy. When we wake up, the etheric body absorbs decreases and the astral body, forming a dense etheric shell or skin, which keeps the inside of all the energy and subtle bodies.

According to some sources we have 300 chakras, if you count all the secondary.

Blowing up the astral body when attention is focused on it, creates a sense of vastness inside the body, along with a sense of smallness itself. It is a strange mixture of feelings is often seen by people during astral projection or meditation. It comes from the fact that the etheric body swells and begins to interact with the universe.

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