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A typical projection

I'm sitting in my chair, I was warm and comfortable. I'm going to project, to hell or heaven. I did it! I was producing a fully relaxing, so I know the secret of AP. I increase the energy of his mental hands and open the chakras. They are starting to rumble. I focus on my heart chakra, putting it through the other chakras, more and more energy until it will not have a steady rhythm. My body is filled with lead, and I go into a trance. I feel like a very heavy corpse. My face itches, but I do not pay attention to it. I move it forward a point of consciousness itself. I'm ahead, but I also realize that my body behind me. Ringing rises from the depths of the body, I concentrate on my breathing, but the point of keeping ahead of consciousness. The ringing of the strongest increases to buzz inside the transformer station, but I do not pay attention to it. Shivers up my spine when the adrenaline runs for me, but I ignore it. I focus on breathing and on where I'm going. I feel like the heart chakra is going to break out, but I know that this is not the heart, so I ignore it. The buzz is transformed into a strong buzz, and I suddenly get up, feeling a slight decline. After a couple of seconds, I'm already in front of him. "How cool!". I walk around the room, searching. A small motor in the heart hums louder when I move to my motion, respectively.



The separation of your consciousness into two parts occurs every time you go to sleep or even going on any kind of projection. This division is for a very good reason:

If you read about cases of astral projection, lucid dreaming, the WTO and-death, you will find a lot of moments that illustrate the effect of separation. It is the same for all types of body experience: awareness of themselves in the physical body, and at the same time being aware of themselves thin. This is due to the telepathic connection between your two bodies. During astral projection this link serves, so you can keep track of the physical body, so that nothing unexpected happened.

During projection, your astral double leaves the physical body, and your mind is split. One part is in the astral body, and the other in the etheric body, which is the physical body. When the astral body is created, it has a mirror copy of your consciousness. Is that you, in all respects, as a copy of a magnetic recording, and both are the same, and both the mind - it's YOU!

Often during sleep, copies of consciousness mixed in some semblance of total sleep. Physical, etheric mind can also dream. This mishmash of dreams like some sort of schizophrenia, because several points of consciousness. If you have not heard about schizophrenia - a disease where there is a division in the minds of thinking processes, and at the same time as a few individuals trying to fit into one.

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