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When it is the time when you have serious intentions to exit the body, sit in his chair, stretch, and make yourself comfortable. Perform relaxation exercises, to increase the energy until you feel you are entering into a light trance. Switch to the "conscious breathing" and hold a point of consciousness shifted forward. Be aware of your body for you, and keep checking the tension.

Around and inside you will start buzzing. It will deepen the vibration, depending on the activity of the chakras. If the chakras are well developed, this feeling can be very powerful and intimidating if you do not know the reasons for this. You will begin to feel that your heart will accelerate to breakneck speed. In fact it is not the heart, and the heart chakra. Try not to pay attention to it.

This can be represented as follows: Place the hands on the chest and the tips of the fingers in the middle of it, over the heart. Press the fingers on his chest at the pace of your heart. Slowly increase the tempo to the speed at which only capable of. That's about the feeling is where your heart chakra is excited. It ranges from mild tremors beneath the skin to strong drumbeat, as if ready to jump.

Ignore the vibrations and tremors, and stay still. Take it for granted, and at some point you will leave the body. Ringing and roll will be increased to unbearable heights, but you should not ignore it. Followed Projecting it will be less noticeable, because dormant chakras stabilize.

The vibration reaches a peak point, and reflex AP on. You fly out ahead of his body, and there is some sense of the depth of the fall in the abdomen. A strong sense of ringing will replace the soft rumbling in his chest. Now you weigh a foot on his body or in front of it. Stop all the exercises, concentrate and stay still.

"It's great!" - You think - "Hurray ... I did it!". You are now consciously projecting his astral body, and, indeed, this is great!

Initially limit to a few minutes. Believe me, this is important. Slowly moved across the room. You actually do not have legs, and do not look at them. Gravity is no longer available to you, so be careful. Move the little room, and do not think like you do - just move!

During the movement you will feel the rumbling deep in his chest. This is the heart chakra. It is like a small motor increases when you move, and subsides when you stop. This is your power supply, your energy. Its strength depends on the degree of activity of the chakras and how close you are to your body.

Control your mind, stay calm and do not get excited during the AP. Out of my body do not imagine all this, or expect something that really is not. This is the basis of not falling into Alice's effect.

Now move back to his body, with the intent to enter into it. Are you new to the astral plane, and if you run out of stock of energy, 99% that you will lose control, fall into the effect of "Alice" and then do not remember. Learn to crawl before you learn to fly. Later, you can go very far, but the important thing is that you still limited.

Just come back. Somehow fly into your body, and it will straighten itself. Reflex return to work, and bang - you're there. GET UP, keeping in mind what you have done and write it down.

Astral mind as RAM in your computer, the physical mind as a hard drive, and the paper - like a floppy disk. Turn off the computer without saving the data on a hard drive, and all the information from the memory disappears. When you write it down, it will be noted in your hard drive of the brain. You need only a few key words (not all work), and you will remember all the details. Keep a journal on your AP.

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