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These exercises should be done daily. Some of them can be done anywhere, anytime, if you have a few spare minutes. Over time, your body will become very obedient. These exercises will greatly reduce the effort and fatigue when entering into a state of conscious projection.

  Now I will explain how to leave the body (AP). If you've read the previous two parts (which I highly recommend to you), then you have a little understood process of projection. Now I'm going to deepen your knowledge of the subject, such as duality, multiplicity of bodies, paralysis, mental wind, remote projection, fear, astral sex, ethics, entry into other bodies, astral entities, restrictions AP, thought forms, treatment, issues, and other topics in future articles.


Note: Projection method, which I will describe here is a little different from what is today used to be called astral projection. He gives execute "fully conscious" projection into the real world, not in the astral world. It is equivalent to a safe clinical death.



Here are PERFECT CONDITIONS AP. Some of them vary on the circumstances and what you need.

You will need a quiet room where you would not be disturbed. If you interfere with background noise, adjust the radio or TV to "white noise" (a non-existent channel) to extinguish it. I advise you not to play music. Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable for you, because during the AP you lose all control over the temperature of your body.

The lighting should be soft and dim. No darkness. Incense smoke may contribute to relaxation, if necessary. But for the AP, only use a certain type of smoking, and do not use it for other purposes.

You will need a comfortable chair with support for the head. This may be a lounge chair or recliner armchairs. AP is much more successful if comes from a sitting position. Better to tilt the chair to the head does not fall forward. Enough to enclose the directory (the thickest book in the Western world - per.) Under the front legs. Feet should pillow. And under the neck - a small dumochki or towel. Those used in airplanes - the best option. Arrange as comfortable as possible. Note: The clothing should be loose.

If you have to use the bed, for example, you are sick, injured, or simply because of the circumstances, place a pillow under your back, and take a semi-sitting position, as if you were going to have breakfast in bed. As I said earlier, it all varies depending on the circumstances and your needs. I give you the optimum conditions for the providence of AP.


You do not have to be very tired. The status must be like after exercising or taking a shower, or hours of relaxation. It is best to make you feel fresh, not overworked. If this happens during the day, it is best to work out in front of this little physically, to take a hot shower and relax. The body will be tired, and therefore easier to relax and the mind to be alert and at attention. If you interfere with the light, the window curtains or anything.

Note: If prior to or during the AP in your mouth accumulated saliva - can swallow it does not interfere with the AP. If you need to move a little - do it smoothly, like in a dream not to interfere with relaxation. If you want to cough - do it gently. If you cough and sneeze, like the common cold, it is best to forget from the AP, and sleep. If you feel a tickle on his face, that's fine. You can scratch if you are in the initial stage. But if it happens after you've feel heavier body, you have to ignore it and it will soon pass. This is due to the energy of the chakras and the release of the subtle body.
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