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Astral Projection (AP) - reflex is built into your body and mind. To deliberately run it, you need to fulfill three main requirements:

1. The ability to relax is 100% and it does not go to sleep.

2. The ability to move the point of consciousness out of my body.

3. A sufficient amount of mental and psychic energy to control its own projection, and does not slip off to sleep.

When all of them, the projection reflex starts at full power. There are also several minor conditions, but they vary from your experience and environment.

Relaxation: You have to learn the technique of complete relaxation of the body. If you are familiar with a similar technique, you will be easier to rebuild it to meet our requirements. Take the "Chair" and relax. Start with your feet: tighten and then relax them. Then do the same with the calves, thighs, hips, abdomen, chest, arms, neck and face. Walk this way a few times, until you feel completely relaxed. Breathe deeply and slowly, trying to feel the air going in and out of your body.

Mental hands: Imagine that you have a couple of mental (imagined) hands. Tapping them yourself, starting with your feet and legs up. Try to get a feel for how they relax and soothe you. Continue in this way, above, through the center of the body, especially going into the chakras. With the technique of mental hands you will also learn how to move the point of consciousness in different parts of the body. Try to go all out to invest in these mental hands.

Increased energy: As we move on your feet to the top, imagine that you grab their mental energy to his hands, and push through it inward. It is a natural way through which you penetrate into psychic energy. With practice, you can even feel the energy that comes with a tingling in you. It is literally the "charge" you as a battery.

Chakras: They are located in: 1. base of the spine (coccyx) 2. spleen (slightly below the belly button) 3. solar plexus (above the navel to the palm) 4. heart (center of the chest) 5. throat 6. 7 forehead. temechko (top of head). They are about the size of a palm.

Stimulation of the Chakras: Chakra - the centers of power conversion. Each chakra converts pure life energy into the energy of a different type. When you miss that energy through themselves their mental hands, stop at each chakra, and imagine how you open it with your mental hands. Ignore energy therethrough to the next, and so on. After repeating this several times, you can not feel anything, but with practice you will feel a shiver and ripple under the skin.

Termination Control: Check the tension of your muscles throughout these exercises, and if need be - relax them. The most common problem - is the automatic contraction of muscles when they pass through the energy. Remember that all this is going on in your mind and body should in no way to respond.

The shift point: In order to shift the point of consciousness, imagine that you are in front of you at a distance of one to two feet. That is, in front of your physical body. Think that your physical body is behind you. It's quite unusual, but you will quickly learn to do it. Try not to strain your muscles during this time, because your body will try to react. Do not let him do it.

Mental state : Your surface mind is busy with all these exercises, so no mental exercises up to this point to do. When you are relaxed, your body as if filled with lead, and you enter into a light trance. Stop all the exercises and start the "informed" the breath to stop the wandering mind.

Conscious Breathing: "Feel" the air that you breathe in and out. When you inhale, "transfer" of energy to the heart chakra preen their mental hands.

Note: If you feel a vibration in the body, but are not yet ready for projection, turn your head slightly, and gently move your body to its normal state. With practice, you will learn how to enter a state of "total relaxation" for a few minutes. With this exercise you will reduce the relaxation time and effort spent on it.

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