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All, without exception, leaving his body in the form of a low-power projection during sleep. I call it sleeping projection. The astral body is suspended above the physical distance of a few inches, like a ball on a string, repeating the sleeping position. Once the astral body is separated, it can create dreams. We are all familiar with this natural process of sleep. At this time, you fall into the public land of nod around the world. This is the "land of nod" is divided into layers. You are tuned to a level which corresponds to your spirituality, and moral qualities. These levels are commonly referred to as "plan" or sub-planes. Nothing wrong with this analogy is not as long as you do not try to cover the whole concept. In this case there will be some confusion.

If you become aware of yourself while sleeping projection, you can take control of it, as in a lucid dream, and move through the levels. Although you took control, you will not be able to return to the physical world and act in it in the astral form. You are already in the looking glass, in a dream or astral realm where anything is possible, but not very likely.

When you have a "fully conscious" projection, you project into the physical world, not in the astral. This is a long time, it was not interpreted correctly. What today is commonly understood by astral projection (AP) better be called "lucid dreaming," which is fundamentally different from him.

Many writers have assumed that we all night romp through the universe during the AP. This is simply not true. You will see that in the astral form you are very lonely, and there will rarely see another projecting. If you see someone and he will just stand there, confused, befuddled, caught in an intermediate state, and showing their world. This happens when you lose control of the WTO. I call it the effect of "Alice in Wonderland." This is a very effective barrier to the unprepared mind.

In the astral form you have a really strong ability to create, which is usually used to create dreams. Once you release from the shackles of the physical world, you can create a world that is usually the case. This creative ability - the problem and the cause of all the confusion about the AP.

Natural barrier exists, just like any other psychic ability. If you do not own mind and energy level is good, in most cases, the effect of "Alice" will limit the projection time in the real world to a few minutes. If there was no barrier - think - millions of people would have jumped all over the world day and night, sparing neither whose secrets. In such a world is difficult to be happy ...

What happens during the AP, if you do not control your mind and energy? At some point during the AP you start to lose control, and familiar things would be in other places. There will be doors, windows, furniture, extra room. It is your subconscious mind or do you start to adjust to the sleepy plan. As soon as this happened, can not be said with the utmost rigor that is real, and that - no. Some sleepy kingdom or plans - an exact copy of the real world. You can adjust to this, and think that you sproetsirvalis in the physical world as long as you meet the Cheshire Cat.

And yet, Eastern concept of levels: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, an atomic, etc. - Not without reason. In the western concept is all confused and mixed up. These are different levels of consciousness, not plans or space. When you project, you have no consciousness expands, it is the same as during the waking hours. These "higher" levels can only be achieved with increased awareness. They can not just get there. This is a slightly different kind of "projection." I was at these higher levels, but I find it hard to describe anything, it should go through. Usually these levels reach deep meditation.

In order to achieve these levels, you need the ability of clairvoyance. It may be by nature, and can be developed.
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