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    Love the people. Not easy to win the admiration, even more difficult -
love, partly because given destiny, but more - diligence, the first Saves list
dyval beginning, the second continues. Some merits is not enough, though
usually think that earning the respect, it is easy to win the love. That
to win the favor, we need deeds: do good to the right and to the left,
do not skimp on the good word and even better things - love, in order to be loved.
Courtesy - politic love potion outstanding people. First, be-
ris for the acts, then - the pen, from battlefields to the fields of paper. For
writers also bestowed the love of the people, besides the eternal.
 Wise advice - 3
    Do not admire beyond measure. Avoid superlatives, so as not to
distort the picture and not to be considered a fool. Glorify, lavish delights
- A sign of the limited understanding and taste. Praise excite Pleasure
pytstvo kindle desire, and if I fall short of your dignity
evaluation - and usually so happens - the expectations of revenge for an-
mandate contempt - and the fact that praises and to the one who praises.
Prudent person restrained, he willingly pass for a miser than a spendthrift.
Excellent rarely be moderate in raptures. Excessive admiration affinity
no lies, people lose confidence in your taste is unpleasant, and the mind that
really quite bad.
    About innate overbearing. One of the secret sources of superiority.
Deliberate tricks will not help. She obey all transparent to the self-
IIR itself, thereby acknowledging the secret power of the natural ruler. Nadia-
lennye gift of command - is the true kings, lions rightly birth
Denia, they kidnap the heart and even the gift of speech in all the others, from nemeyuschih
respect. And when blagopryatstvuyut other advantages, these people created
be the first arbiters of public affairs, as a wave of the dos-
Tegan more than other long speeches.
    In my thoughts with the minority in the speeches of the majority. The desire to go pro-
against the flow just as alien to common sense, no matter how dangerous. Disagreement
perceived as an insult, for rejecting the opinion of others, the number of under-
voluntary multiplying, some will praise what you condemn, others will
to stand up for those who praise. The truth - the lot of few, usually the same error
and everywhere. From the speeches in the square not know sage - not the voice
there he says, and the voice of human folly, even to the soul with her agree-
Lasha. Prudential is not less repugnant to be challenged than most
argue: he was willing to listen to other opinions, but do not crowd. The idea of ​​free
on, above it can not and should not fix violence. Let it escapes into
sanctuary of silence, and if they will be on the light, it is only for the elite minds.
    Sympathy between great men. Tend to move closer to the hero of the hero-
E, is a mysterious and beautiful property - one of the wonders of nature.
There is an affinity hearts and characters, ignorant rabble explains
the influence of a love potion it. Start liking - respect, but leads
and it further - to the location, and then to the attachment. She convinces
without words, and receives no merit. Sympathy is of two mortgages, action-
tive and passive, and she and the other - bliss for high soul.
Considerable art - recognize it, guess differentiate and win,
and when there is this mysterious inclination, no perseverance will not help.
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