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Automatic drawing

Do not fight with gusts to draw something! Some people are so fixated on the word "letter", which are struggling with symbols pictures that appear in their imaginations, and ignore the need arose suddenly draw them on paper. Often, these images can say much more than words, and so accurately express the true nature of your problem, they could not have done it speaks volumes of texts.

If the information is in the process of automatic writing comes to you in the form of pictures and you feel that you are drawn to the outline, do not resist this desire. You may find that this happens quite often, especially if you are by nature endowed with artistic ability or your mind is focused on the visual perception of information. Sometimes, all message will come in the form of images, and sometimes they will be included in the text to clarify any questions.

Automatic drawing is less well known than the automatic writing, but for the collective unconscious, it is undoubtedly a full-fledged means of expression. If you feel that you would like to explore a means automatic connection or that it allows you to be able to achieve greater success than with the lyrics, you can prepare yourself for this by taking a piece of burning coal, a brush for painting or any tool you like to use for creative expression. When you channel the energy down the canal, linking you to the collective unconscious, tell yourself that you want to get answers in the form of pictures. Then just let it happen. Begin to move his arm, as if you draw, allowing any of the images that come to mind, pour out onto paper. Also, do not struggle with the need to accompany their drawings inscriptions.

As in the version with automatic writing, when you become an expert, you will learn in the middle of a session to change the means of expression, using different colors and the like, and to create images full of character.

When you start to interpret automatic drawing, keep in mind that the images that you create will not always be, so to speak, "normal", they may contain powerful archetypal characters (Archetype - primary mental structures, the images that make up the contents of the collective unconscious and lying based on universal symbols of dreams, myths, fairy tales and other works of fantasy.), you'll need to highlight in his drawings at the end of the session. It will be somewhat more difficult to interpret than the text, but your efforts will be justified. See how each part of the figure refers to the whole, pay attention to the size of each motif in comparison with others and explore the brightness of each stroke. Even the colors that you used, can tell a lot about the meaning of the message you received.

Finally, do not ever think that you do not get with automatic writing, if all your messages come in the form of drawings. You just focus on the imaginative perception of information. If you believe that your auto painting brings you a favor, then that's all that matters.

Tricks of the Trade

To many it takes time and lots of practice to reach the point where the words are pouring freely from the pen to the paper. Fortunately, there are a variety of tricks that you can use to speed up the process of writing.



Naturally, you will want to lean over the paper in order to observe what is happening. But to see a larger region of the paper than the one where your hand is moving, not necessarily. Tilting the head, you let the flow of energy that you need in order to continue to automatically write, it can cause stress to the body, which can get you out of an altered state of consciousness and cause excessive focus on the mechanics of your efforts, and not on the question, the answer at which point you get.


The trick is abstracted from 2 PROCESS

Often, on the eve of the letters, you can feel the tingling in your arm or a feeling that something is moving in it, and so you start to worry that involuntarily out of a light meditative state is required to operate. As though it was hard, you have to force yourself not to become over-enthusiastic when it begins to go record. The famous English clairvoyant Crowley gave the phenomenon a very precise definition, calling it "the will without a will." You can not afford to be completely indifferent to what is going on, but you also can not afford to worry too much at this point. It is desirable that you felt yourself an observer as if someone else wrote. Relax at this time, and emotions until later.

A powerful deterrent to the energy flow can be fear. Often, when a hand suddenly began to write on their own, novices in the automatic writing scared, and the process is suspended. Learn how to emotionally detach themselves from the direct writing process, and it will save you from fear, which can interfere with you to achieve

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