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Spell 1

First you need to take a long light cotton thread, a small piece of paper and a pen or pencil and a candle.

Sit in front of a burning candle on a paper and draw a picture of your hand.

Imagine that you are an integral part of himself, which is under your complete control. The energy of this presentation is more important than the ability to draw well.

Then fold the fingers of the hand, which you usually write in a fist and wrap the thread around the knuckle. Does not contract the thread too tight, not to get burned when it is lit. Thread symbolizes your fear, and any negative energy that you fear may seize in his power your hand, and now you have to release the fear of himself, allowing the purifying flame of the candle to burn the shackles of fear, where you are. (Be careful not to burn yourself!)

As soon as your hand is released from the thread, try to get a feel for how it finally comes back under your control. Now assemble the pieces of yarn and wrap them tightly around the picture of your hand.

In this case, imagine that you are fully responsible for the communication of your hand with you that you are taking it under its full control.

Most people by wrapping the thread around the paper with a picture, prefer to cast a spell to consolidate the results of the ritual.

Try to repeat about the words:
this flame this thread and I bind them to his magical hand.

Wrapping a hand thread, put it in a secret place, such as in a drawer. As long as you have this talisman, you remain free from interference of any negative energy when you do not want to do automatic writing.


Spell 2

You will need to buy or make yourself a little doll that will symbolize you. It does not have to be beautiful and refined. Suffice it to two pieces of fabric cut in the shape of a human figure, sewn together and stuffed with wool. By making a doll, you have to put into it as much personal energy. Look at the doll as an extension of themselves. If you decide to buy a doll, then, to make it a part of yourself, you have to wear it with a few days to touch it as often as possible, passing it the way your personal energy.

You will also need to take a thick thread, preferably black, and a pen or marker.

Once you have finished a session of automatic writing, take the doll and sit down. Focus on your hand and discard the breath from her any negative impact. Feel how they are carried away from you far, far away.

Marker post on hand for any meaningful a symbol of protection.

Now tie that hand puppets, which she would write if she could, to her torso, wrapping the thread around it counterclockwise.

By doing this, imagine how your hand is part of your body being attached to you, is always under your control. Wrapping the thread around the doll, you can cast spells to, enhance the visual image:
I tie my hands to myself, only my will can move it.

When finished, put the doll in a secret place that only you know. While the doll is at your disposal, you will be free from any kind was negative influences that can make you automatically do not write on your own.

Step 15: Save your recordings

This last step is important for the success of automatic writing is often ignored, not only beginners, but also by people versed in this lesson. The importance of record keeping can not be overemphasized. Cryptic message, the essence of which you may not understand now, maybe in a month for you to get deeper meaning and significance.

After passing 14th stage, just spend an initial assessment of their records. Keep a record of any first impressions, notice the feelings that you have caused the message, or feelings that you experienced in the process of writing it. Often your first gut reaction may be the most faithful, especially in the event that you need to decipher the passages that seem gibberish.

You should also mark the date and day of the week, the weather conditions and the position of the planets in the day that you think could have an impact on your record. Later, if you have any internal obstacles that will hinder the process of your automatic writing, you can on the basis of previous records to determine when the conditions were similar, and thus, perhaps, find a optimal time for work, time you are mentally strong and the most susceptible.

Choose one day a month to view their previous records and make sense of them again. I prefer the new moon, as this period represents a new beginning, but it is better to choose a day that you are the easiest to remember. You'd be surprised what a startling new perspectives and possibilities of solving your problems will be opened in front of you in the course of this analysis, communications, and over time, this practice will help you to better evaluate and current records.

I think that the best way to take notes in a large loose-leaf notebook. You can easily add new ones pages with texts, and as new events will be part of your life, you can add, delete or generalize your comments.

Over time, perfecting this art, you will learn how to perform automatic account online, and not just passively receive messages. You will be able to engage in dialogue, to require some special explanation, flowery or vague expressions, and even change the subject in a single session.

And again I want to reiterate that the so-called greatest "secret" automatic writing - this is practice, practice, practice.
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