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24.07.2013, 14:18
Quality separation of worlds
 From childhood, we are in full confidence that our world, or the world of physical sensations, is the only possible mode of existence of matter, in whatever form it is not apparent on the physical plane, or, to use the language of occultists, on the plane of the external forms of expression. People are taught that any phenomenon, which does not fit into the framework of the "laws

nature, "either does not exist or is declared one's machinations. People began to lose the ability to abstract: to become in any dispute outside observer, find errors and illogic, direct contradictions in the relationship between people and nature, including their own. This is directly related for knowledge about the universe.

     What is "worlds" in terms of quality of their division? That, in a general sense and philosophy, is a certain violence to the facts?

     For a visual example, we can refer to any materials. Take a lump of sugar. This crystalline structure is a proud representative of the physical world, or the external manifestations of the plan. Sugar is perfectly saturated with fluid, including liquids, which, according to our notions, are themselves liquid crystal structures.

     Probably many will agree that any liquid can be saturated with gas, which only a few hundred years ago were for society as a whole, with the exception of a small number of scientists and philosophers, the limit of our immediate perceptions of the physical world. This substance could only speculate on circumstantial evidence, which can be attributed wind, breath and so on. It is interesting to note that even here, on the verge of physical perceptions, there is the concept of the winds, perfect as a living being who has his will and reason. However, the desire to cram it into the scope of the objective physical manifestations present. But even in our physical world, we will not stop. It is known that liquid and gas may be ionized by using penetrating radiation. This provides another level of penetration into the crystal.

     So, we have four mutually penetrating and crossing the world at the same time. To the outside observer, they exist in each other. There may be areas of inhomogeneities of the condition. It depends on the nonuniformity saturation penetration, as well as uneven structures of the density medium and energy sgushennosti fields that are applicable satellites physical and material structures.

You can take any combination - the effect will be repeated neukasnitelno.

The only difference is that when using matched by the rigidity of the structures of penetration will occur under the influence of forces and will be followed by rapid destruction or faults. For domestic observers of these worlds will be a perfect likeness of our physical faults, explosions, eruptions, and using a variety of media in density will occur the phenomenon of so-called erosion or gradual erosion of the denser structures are less dense. (For example, the ground water.) Is another option: a sharp or a longer time for the formation of crystals of the less dense environments. The analogue of this may be the formation of salt crystals from supersaturated solutions while lowering them in the seed.

     The man in the light penetrating the worlds is nothing but a complete reflection or analog effects described above.

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