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Step 10: Open your eyes - soft focus

To move to the next stage of automatic writing, you have to open your eyes, otherwise you will be left with a messy scrawl which later can hardly decipher.
This step can be a problem even for people experienced in automatic writing, as to open his eyes, being in trance, then add some dissonance in the mind. The trick here is that you have to open your eyes slowly and incompletely. Your eyes should look soft, dreamy, as he is when you have just woken up. Then this action does not bring you out of an altered state of consciousness, but still allow you to use the sight.

If you find that you were among the many people who do not manage this step immediately, do light work in your room softer, darken the room, but so that you could see in front of a sheet of paper. You can try to work by candlelight. Their soft light, unlike incandescent or fluorescent lighting without annoying just open your eyes, and it will allow you to more easily make the move.


Step 11: write!

If you feel that your hand starts to move on their own, do not despair. Many of us need time to reach the point where the words just flow like the free flow like water through a dam destroyed. Start writing down any impressions that come to mind, often it triggers an automatic response to which you aspire.

You may also feel the urge to draw something, especially if you are a person-oriented visualization. Let the images appear to flow through your pen as you would allow him to come. Sometimes these pictures can convey symbolic meaning of the message more clearly than their verbal counterparts.



Step 12 exit meditative state

When you feel that you have completely all the message that and wanted to get in one session, or it stopped on its own, or you decided to stop and try again later write, you need to pull yourself out of a meditative state. It is best to do this with the normal operations to which you resort to these cases. For example, if you use the countdown, try to start counting. If you just relaxed, feel to you slowly pull back. If you prefer to concentrate on the candle, open your eyes and focus on it again.

Give yourself time to feel like in your body reappeared vitality and involuntary physical sensations, realize where you are and what you are doing, then open your eyes and join in their daily activities.

Take this step to the end, even if you can not wait to read what you have got. You take the time to properly introduce myself in a meditative state, and you need the same amount of time to properly get out of it. Remember how frustrated and tired you feel when you wake up too quickly after a good night's sleep. You will experience the same discomfort, if you get out of a meditative state very quickly. The only exception would be a situation that will require you to switch urgent attention.
compensatory capabilities of the human mind is truly amazing. All of us often wonder at the sight of how fast asleep or in a state of intoxication people are able to wake up or sober up quickly and start to be active, if necessary. So did you, if during a session when you are in an altered state of consciousness, suddenly there any unexpected problem.

Step 13: Ground yourself

It is also a common and reliable practice - ground yourself when you have finished meditating - and it is simply a means to restore your connection with the earth plane, the plan of our everyday consciousness.

This can easily be done by getting rid of excess energy accumulated in the chakras, giving it away to the land as described in the previous chapter. You can ring the bell, clap or shout as loud noises always contribute to this. You can also perform a physical action, such as to eat something (eg, salty foods), or go to the bathroom. Perform any action that will make you feel completely awake and acting in the ordinary state of consciousness.

Step 14: Ground your protection

It is a standard practice used in occultism and is intended to be grounded any protective energy that you call to action during a special ritual, which is the automatic and writing.

If you mark around a circle, you have to be grounded it, visualizing how you send your energy focused in this circle, to the land and at the same time avoiding the room counterclockwise.

Collect all of the herbs that you laid out above, and let their energy go into the ground.
Remove all amulets and talismans, thank and release the will of all the spirits that you are protected and you called earlier with the help of prayers or other spells.

If you are not sure how to ground the protective power, just think about what you can carry out the procedure that you performed earlier to activate them in reverse order, and you can not go wrong.

Some people fear that after the end of a session of automatic writing hand, they wrote, would be at the mercy of some force that will force her to write against your will. They fear that if allowed to go on my own strength, which protected them, it will face trouble. Although there are reports of such incidents, they are actually extremely rare. However, if it bothers you, then after the grounding of his defense, you should perform the ritual binding.
Binding Ritual - is an old magic tricks, designed to bind an object to a specific person. In this case, you need to tie - your hand to you. This ritual is very effective and should put an end to all your fears.

Of course, you have to take into account the double meaning hidden in the common pagan saying: "tethering, you find yourself tied down." You do not need to tie your hand to the material world so closely that she will never be able to serve you as a medium in communication between the spirit world and the world of matter.

There is plenty of spell binding, both simple and complex. If you do not prefer any particular spell, you can use one of the options below.

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