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Extracting energy from the collective unconscious

Sit comfortably, back straight as possible.

Allow your eyes to close.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically.

Reach a meditative state.

Make sure that your higher 'I' and the next is ready to protect you from unwanted energies and unwanted entities.

Imagine the collective unconscious, floating high in the sky above you, feel its immensity and power.

Lower the energy of the collective unconscious in your crown chakra, imagine it as a beam of pure energy, connects to you.

By moving the beam down the body, in turn, energize your chakras, from the root crown and finishing.

Feel your body is filled with powerful psychic powers.

Imagine or sense that the essence or energy with which you want to make contact.

Feel the specific energy flowing into you from the collective unconscious, is lowered into your higher 'I', ready to come into your consciousness.

Step 8: focus on your question

This step seems to be taken for granted, but you will be surprised to know how many beginners tend to think of other things, sitting down to work.

The first time you try to do automatic writing, you find yourself thinking about the position of your hand on the chair you are sitting on, or are looking to speculate on what will be the outcome of this experience. Unfortunately, it is quite natural, and you will have to fight this trend.

There is one thing that is as difficult to achieve as the focus on your subject. Do not allow your mind to cling to the expected result may adversely affect the reliability of the responses. Think about the question or topic that you want to light without creating in the mind of preconceived ideas and thoughts on the matter. Leave it up to the moment when you will have to write a comment and you will be able to analyze it with a clear head.

If you're going to turn to another entity, other than your higher 'I', you must also imagine how it responds to your questions.

Step 9 energize the hand that writes

Your working arm should be positioned freely on a sheet of paper. Make sure that you keep your hand in a position of least stress enough just to hold
a pen.

You have to concentrate on your question or topic you are interested in, at this point you should already allocated the necessary energy through the chakras. Now we need to let the excess energy flowing through your body, get in the hand that you write. Think of this energy flow in the form of a long telephone wire stretching from the collective unconscious to your being in the waiting hand.

If you refer to someone other than your top "I" feel like his / her energy fills you up, poured into the higher "I" through the crown chakra, which will create a security barrier before this energy goes into your mind. At this point, you should continue to think about your question and at the same time to "see" the essence of which will be yours to answer.

In order to direct the flow of energy collected directly into the working arm, concentrate the excess energy in the center of your body. Direct the flow to the heart chakra and imagine how it glows bright white and green as far as how it flows into wave energy. Feel the power of the growing energy and feel their close relationship with the source of comprehensive knowledge.

Allow this energy to flow smoothly in your hand. Think of how it is in your hand and feel it. Some people say that at this point they feel tingling or in their hands, or in the heart chakra, or on top of the head. Let those feelings you do not bother - they are completely natural and are only proof that psychic energy flows which you control does exist in reality.

Finally, feel the energy flow rushes into your hand, frozen in anticipation, and fills the inside of your muscles. Some people feel that at this point the hand begins to move, others will have to wait until they open their eyes and slowly focus on a paper lying in front of them.

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