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A more sophisticated technique of meditation

The next step is to teach you how to meditate with your eyes closed. There, where no one will disturb you, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now select a character or word on which you will focus. If you are more attracted to visual images, select a character. If the sound, select the word. Initially, any image which you have chosen to be very simple. Use simple geometric shapes, your name or nickname of a religious symbol or a monosyllabic verb or a noun. Beginners often choose words associated with occult goals, "down", "will", "peace", "together" and "all." Squares, circles, triangles and ovals - the most minor pieces that can be stored in the mind for a long time. Mentally, dye them in one of the primary colors: red, blue, or yellow.

Lock the selected character / word in your mind and start to see / to repeat it until then, until no other thoughts. Allow yourself to merge completely with the object. Feel, feel it. If your thoughts will go away, return them back.

Also perform this exercise daily for several weeks, each time trying to extend your complete control over the process. Exercise should last 20-30 minutes.
At this point, you should feel immersed in a trance soon after the beginning of meditation. This feeling means that you have successfully managed to slow down the brain, in other words, you have reached the guided meditations.

If you still feel that you do not exercise the way it should, you can try to use the countdown method. Just close your eyes and begin to slowly count backwards from any number that choose (100 - a good starting point). During accounts try to feel like you fall into yourself, right in the center of his being. Buddhists use the same practice for beginners who, trying to go into an altered state of consciousness, consider their breaths. Both methods are well and lead to the same result. Choose the one that works best in your case.

Even if you are learning slowly, to this point, you should definitely be able to go into a meditative state, even if it seems to you that you do not work or you can not enter into it as deeply as you would like. If you want to know with which you can compare your feelings, try reading a book or watching television, and the most interesting place become aware of the feelings that you are experiencing. You will realize that they are similar to those that you experience in a state of altered consciousness medium.

Another way to check how much you have progressed in their studies is to look at the clock before and after meditation. In the altered state of consciousness, perception of time is distorted. If you see that it has been more or less time than you expected, then you really have succeeded!


As I mentioned, the method of automatic writing, as described in this book uses the natural human energy centers called chakras, for on them the energy needed to connect you with an entity to which you are applying. In this case, the chakra system has two main functions: provides a link the person doing the recording, with the collective unconscious and allows your higher "self" (presumably it is concentrated in the highest chakra, over the crown of the head) to prevent the penetration of negative entities in you in the process letter. In order to be able to establish this link, you must first master the following knowledge and skills.

Common understanding of the chakra system and how it is necessary to clear each chakra and hold her balance.

The method of stimulating the chakras.

The method of navigating through the chakras are not only for its energy.

The method of grounding excess energy after you stop using it.

"Chakra" - is an Indian word that generally means "wheel." Chakra - the seven areas of concentrated energy in the human body. They are located on the midline of the body from the crown of the head to the base of the spine.

In ancient India, which was first created this system of ideas, the chakras are used for the redistribution of energy by the human body and restore his mental and physical health, increased vitality and help in prayer, to facilitate entry into a meditative state and grounding.


Western science until recently skeptical of the hypothesis that these energy centers until laboratory tests have shown that they do exist and have a strong electromagnetic radiation.

Each chakra has its own color, and the number of corresponding features on the physical and mental planes, indicating how it functions. The purer and brighter chakra, the better they are balanced, the people are healthier and, as in our case, the easier it is to pass through them the energy to automatic writing.

The first is called the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It should always be thought of as a bright red sphere, slowly pulsating energy. The energy of this chakra can help you ground yourself if your thoughts are jumping and you can not concentrate.

Signs that chakra is functioning poorly, are irritable bowel spasms in the colon, chronic indigestion, weight fluctuations, pain in the gut, while his poor performance, inability to concentrate and heavy awakening in the morning.

The second chakra is located in the area directly below the navel. Her visual image - a sphere of intense orange light. This chakra can be activated if you feel excessive excitement or if you need to show strength of will.

Signs that it functions poorly - hormonal disorders, mood swings, reproductive system disorders, loss of appetite, sickness, affects the lower part of the body, infertility, fungal infections, prostate problems.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus, which is a complex network of nerves and blood vessels. When this chakra, energy vibrations radiating yellow operates at maximum efficiency, it contributes to the transformation of your will into action and helps to express the masculine side of your nature.

Some signs that it is locked or not functioning well are chronic indigestion, gastritis, ulcers, sudden outbursts of anger, paranoia, blood disorders, diabetes, diseases caused by stress, and excessive greed.

The fourth chakra is called the heart center. Her color - deep green. It is located in the center of the sternum. Well-functioning, it allows you to give and receive love and easy to express the feminine side of your nature.

Signs that it operates on the way it should be, - a violation of relationships with people, allergies, heart disease, jealousy, frequent emotional outbursts, and high or low blood pressure.

The fifth chakra, the throat, the throat is located at the base of the larynx. It is presented as a source of energy blue, vibration coincide with the vibrations of sound waves. This chakra governs our speech and the ability to communicate. By activating this chakra, you will be able to stimulate their creativity.

Signs of a lack of functioning of the throat chakra:
chronic hoarseness or sore throat, tinnitus, tonsillitis, psychosis, addiction to verbal abuse and the interference in the work of the writer, as a temporary loss of the ability to write.
"Third Eye" - this is probably the most famous of all the chakra. Her visual image - is an area painted in intense color indigo. This chakra is located between the eyes, just above the eyebrows. Followers of Hinduism are often drawn here small blue or purple dot to this chakra is constantly opened and was in an active state. This chakra is often used clairvoyants and people with mental experiences, as it governs the ability to see both internal and external plans being.

Some signs that it is locked or not work well, are permanent vision problems, sleep disorders, snoring, nightmares, migraines, dental problems, and various poltergeist.

The last chakra, crown, located above the crown of the head. This chakra is represented as a sphere of bright purple, the vibration frequency which is higher than the frequency of the light waves. It is considered home to a higher "self." Activation of this chakra promotes spiritual growth of a person and helps him develop relationships with spiritual entities. The energy of this chakra is both consciously and unconsciously used in psychic work, when a person learns astral projection exercises, meditates, and includes his creative imagination.

Signs of serious irregularities in the work of this chakra are dogmatism, complacency, depression, forgetfulness, isolation, metabolic disorders, Parkinson's disease, learning difficulties, severe neurological disease, memory loss, and most cancers.

This list of violations in the chakras are not intended to replace your doctor if you want to put yourself a diagnosis, and to emphasize how strong these seven spheres of energy, and to show how the chakras need to be cleaned or disclosure in the treatment of various diseases.

 Before conducting the energy through the chakras to implement automatic writing, you must first learn to call them visual images and activate them.
Activate chakras - then open them, so that through them the energy to flow freely. Later, it will serve as a method by which you will direct the energy of the collective unconscious in his hand, which he writes. Studying this process, you can also learn how to clean the chakra balancing and carry them to act with maximum efficiency.

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