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The exercises in deep breathing and proper breathing technique

For a long time students of metaphysics, teach deep breathing as one of the main tools of self-discovery. Deep breathing the air inhaled through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
This process creates a powerful energy chain within your body (ie, the breath becomes energy), which is conducive not only to your mental, but also physical well-being.

The reasons for the beneficial effects on the health of this method are obvious. In the nose, there are hairs and mucous membranes, which are a kind of filters and prevent the penetration of the lung dust and germs. The nose is able to heat the air inhaled almost body temperature and thereby prevents overcooling threat lung, especially if you are exposed to asthma or respiratory diseases endangering bronchospasm. People suffering from poor digestion, also believe that deep breathing affects them positively, as the same muscle, which facilitates the movement of the lungs, and stimulates the stomach.

Most people there do not have enough air when breathing just because of what they are trying to breathe the upper lobes of the lungs, instead of using the lower ones. Sometimes it is the natural result of wearing tight clothing, sometimes habit, preserved since childhood. The school physical education classes or swimming lessons, we often say, "Take a deep breath." In typical children exaggerated manner we laid back shoulders and stuck out his chest to show what we have powerful lungs. Since these exercises were done just for fun, and later no one had bothered to teach us how to breathe, and our shallow breathing soon become a bad habit.

The correct way of breathing - the breath of the diaphragm. Aperture - this is a large muscle-shaped
With the right natural respiration your breasts should not billow. Should only move your diaphragm at the level of the stomach. ellipse and separates the chest cavity from the abdominal. It is located directly under the light and, alternately contracting and relaxing, allows us to breathe.

During sleep is involuntary adjustment of breathing, and if you observe the deep, rhythmic breathing sleeping, you will see how this type of breathing is natural.
Another way to see how freely to move the diaphragm in breathing, is to lie down on your back on a hard surface. Sit back and watch your breath. You will see that the chest is not moving, and the diaphragm, and the air that you breathe in, penetrates deeply into the lungs.
Exercise in a deep breath as long as it does not become your natural, and not only to improve health, but also for so that it becomes the basis for your further studies aimed at self-knowledge.

After doing breathing exercises or meditation every move slowly to avoid dizziness or headache.


Detection of your prana

The idea of ​​controlled breathing, sometimes called a "holy breath" (prana), has come to us from ancient India, where was born the art of meditation. This idea underlies the widespread belief in India about the relationship of the terrestrial mind to other forms of consciousness. It was found that varying the rate and depth of breathing, a person could achieve different levels of consciousness and super-consciousness. As these ideas spread in the East and the West and have been accepted in the occult practices of different cultures, the concept of prana refinements were made and changes. Today, most occult schools believes that some form of controlled breathing is one of the most effective means of achieving the magical purposes.

In fact, the most common type of meditative exercise is the realization of his breath, and then - the conscious control of the process. Since that usually begins meditation training.

To get started, simply find a quiet place where no one will disturb, sit or lie down in a comfortable position for you and start to breathe naturally, counting each exhalation. (Do not forget to breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth!) Eyes can be kept open or closed. The purpose of this exercise - to focus on your breathing and eliminate all extraneous thoughts.

As you improve and learn this skill for a long time considered as not being distracted, you will begin to feel the force, which has your breath.

If inhaled, try to see in your breath more than a function necessary to sustain life, try to see in it a tool with which you can control the powerful energies and direct them to the goals that you want to achieve.

Think of yourself as you breathe in color or vibration that you like and that you think could help you achieve your ultimate goal. Breathe in silver color that helps to work with the psyche, bright purple, to speed up the healing process, or bright yellow, to facilitate smooth communications in automatic writing.
Begin thinking about your breathing as a practical means of contributing to the spiritual growth rather than as involuntary physiological process.

For the next exercise with prana you need to select a number between three and the nine of that matters to you.

If you are a representative of the school of thought, the concept of which is the idea that each number is sacred, you should take advantage of it, especially if it is in any way consistent with the concept of prana. Just as before, find a comfortable and quiet place, sit down and begin to breathe slowly and evenly.

On the inhale mentally count to numbers you have chosen, hold your breath for one or two accounts and then start to consider first before this figure is on the exhale. Exercise, as long as this process becomes quite natural for you whenever you meditate.

Once you have mastered the basic exercise, begin to vary due to respiration and note any changes that you feel while in your physical or mental body.
doing so, you will eventually be able to determine for themselves what type of breathing leads you into this or different mood, causing certain images or feelings or plunges you into a deep or light state of altered consciousness.

All of this information will later help you set yourself up for fulfillment of the objectives related to the work of the psyche, including on automatic writing!

The meditative state

In most dictionaries meditation is defined as being "in deep thought." Although most of it is true, for our purposes, this definition broad enough.

In the occult meditation is defined as "concentrated meditation," and sometimes as "the absence of thought." This is the method by which you want to focus on only one object, symbol, word, phrase, or idea in order to slow down the brain, causing a kind of sleep in the waking state, during which we have heightened awareness and increased susceptibility.

In a meditative state, which is also referred to as an altered state of consciousness, achieved the best link between the conscious and the subconscious. During meditation, the two are usually separated from each other consciousness can establish closer contact not only with each other or with your higher 'I', but with the right and left hemispheres of the brain and with other minds.

To achieve this status, and easy and difficult. Easy in the sense that it actually happens to you every day and every night. When you go to sleep at night, you will naturally shifts to the lower levels of consciousness. This also happens when you read a book, watch TV or video. But meditation is difficult in the sense that the achievement of conscious control of the process of thinking requires hard practice.

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