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24.07.2013, 16:10
The concept of astral astral corridor. Limitations.
And what's that word is - "Astral" -   invented a sharp, biting, I would say terrible?
With one pronunciation of scared, of course, if you have time before you realize that you got there ...

   All that is in the world, created out of fabrics of different order of difficulty. Of the higher forms of matter created the spiritual world, they have neither the beginning nor the end of its existence, and are eternal, like all forms of life in these worlds. And every spirit world, which is a love, a spiritual anti-world. This keeps the balance of the Great World.
   known to us the spiritual world - the Kingdom of Heaven and its anti-world - the Kingdom of Daidar - a vivid example of this.
   Representative lowest form of matter there is a world, which is located outside of the kingdom of heaven is called the universe. This artificially created material world that obeys the laws of the spiritual world, because the spiritual world is primary in relation to the material. The spiritual world can not exist without the material world, but without the spiritual material can not, I mean in terms of life on the planet. Since no settlement of the soul into the fetus can not be human development. (I think the very existence of the soul does not need to convince anyone this is an axiom. Materialists had time to weigh it, even!).
   Since the Earth is in a constant uninterrupted connection with the kingdom of heaven, but it is remote from a considerable distance, there is a channel that binds them into one system, one. This is the so-called Astral corridor - a specific energy field in which spiritual beings (souls, angels, spirits, demons, etc.) can move freely in accordance with their program. Through this field are informed clairvoyants, there are such phenomena as the materialization and de materialization.  
   Astral corridor in diameter is much greater than the diameter of the Earth, which gives us the opportunity to talk about the astral plane, as the concept is peculiar to Earth. Indeed, at the outlet of the body, we can be in any desired position of the planet (in theory) in our choice. In this case, we're talking about leaving the astral plane.
   If you willy-nilly (clinical death) came out with incredible speed into space, this is the astral corridor.  
  Thus, the astral corridor, which includes the astral space of the Earth limits "zone" our astral travels. Never, not one soul, under no circumstances, will not be able to go beyond the astral corridor in the material world.
  Well, what happens to that other end of the corridor astral, and what is this "bright light at the end of the tunnel" see many? These issues concern many, so I can not let them pass unnoticed.  
   As the size of the kingdom of heaven is immeasurably huge compared with the Earth and its inhabitants as well - soul heaven - disproportionately those who come to life. But because of the soul are one and the same! For this purpose, the output (or input) in the set so-called Kingdom converter, which compresses (reduces compacts like someone like) or, on the contrary, leads to the original size of the celestial soul.

   The converter
   I think there will be appropriate to talk about one of my astral travels.
    middle of the night I woke up. Realized that I was lying on my stomach, and the body are light vibration. I totally dark room became visible in the dull light, but I could clearly see all of the items. Suddenly I felt the body in a supine position is raised by 10 centimeters and completely without my will and participation takes place in the "on the back." Then my arms outstretched at your sides, have at the same time simultaneously bend at the elbows, and I also saw them clearly . Vibrations began to grow in the long ears heard the familiar distinctive sound, which reminds me more of an electric drill with enhanced sound frequencies in the range of 5000 - 1000 Hz, inserted into the skull :-). Everything was ready to leave, had only to give direction. But since then I have been tempted in the earthly pilgrimage, gave the address "on a visit to Jesus."
   In an instant buzz in the ears and vibration reached its climax and I with incredible speed, hands forward, flew up. But after 15 seconds there was silence, I stood around and saw only the stars. The decision came almost immediately. I again repeated the address, and to my surprise and joy, "drill" howled and I flew like lightning on. Several times I had to repeat the direction of flight, before I saw the light ahead. As the rate has fallen very much. But steadily, as to the passage of the river, I was drawn to a huge shining circle.
   Together with the space around me was sharply narrowed, limiting the way that it does not say you get into the converter. As the "walls" are highlighted in the corridor of the concentration of power. I inadvertently touched, felt their density. It looks like a very stretched a huge tow or rubber, with the same ringing sound. The feeling was very painful, but the pain quickly subsided under the impression that I saw in front. I was in close proximity to the huge, radiant and shimmering bright blue and white membrane. Its surface was somewhat similar to the water surface. The concentration of energy was so astounding and shocking that I barely restrained myself from thinking about going back. And suddenly, I felt that with me something started to happen, I mean the body. It seems to start to grow from the inside. The feeling, I can tell you is not very pleasant and painful. My nerves gave way, especially since I did not have the full confidence to return, once abroad this world. I turned on the return line, and within a short time he found himself on his couch, in the same position from which it started, ie Lying on his stomach.
   This journey, by my count lasted no more than 4-5-minutes and it gives you the confidence to say that people who have experienced clinical death, which lasted from 3 to 4 minutes, really reaches the transducer and talk about it. Although they do not all believe. :-)

  PS. Some people involved in the practice of leaving the body, believe that the light in the tunnel, the tunnel itself - it is a state of consciousness. The logical chain will lead to the fact that the astral plane, and - a state of mind. May say so, only those who did not go to the astral plane, and if it was the case, then nothing will realize entangled in their dreams, most of which I do think the state of consciousness. Exit to the astral plane - it's not a matter of faith or non-belief of debate. It is a reality that is the same for all, but many-sided, like our lives. Let's learn it together, based on our personal experience. Send us your stories, questions. Along the way I will respond in the newsletter or in person, as you wish. After all, we are all concerned, that the project was fun, interesting and informative.
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