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24.07.2013, 16:09
Memories of the inorganic beings. Sergei Rostovtcev.


   Sometimes yields to the astral plane are unpredictable and dangerous. All of you, of course, you know, what it depends, but we take the liberty to discuss this issue. Depending on the energy performance of individual heterogeneity of each person with him that unexpected things. So, if a person is ill or is in a bad state of energy, it can be attacked by parasites of Energy, which are also called inorganic awareness. As a result of this attack, a person can be placed in the illusory simulation of the real world in order to use this man as food. It looks like the effect of a false return. After an illusory return around the person recreates the atmosphere of the real world and real people and events. Since the inorganic beings feed on emotions they provoke an increase in the number of situations that carry increased emotional burden, and (conflict, love, etc.), thereby to obtain energy supply.

   Since the inorganic beings perform simulations based on real human memories, the details that we do not pay attention, they omitted. That's what happened to me in April 1985. That day I was not feeling very well, but I decided to go to the astral plane to get the information I needed. It all started, as always, well, I went to the astral plane, has received the necessary information and going back, but then he noticed fluctuations live streams, and for some reason did not attach any importance to this. This is what happened: essential fluctuations meant the appearance of inorganic beings, and I did not attach any importance to this due to the fact that being in a morbid state, I very easily fell under the influence of parasites. They have inspired me to think that everything is in order. I opened my eyes. washed, shaved, made coffee. Everything looked so real that at first I did not notice any difference. I spent a week as always, walking to work, communicate with friends and relatives. But never have I have not had the need to go to the astral plane.

   Gradually increase began situations carrying a high emotional toll. First, the increased number of intense dreams, nightmares. Secondly, a lot of new sexual relationships with women, and I soon got married (after about 2 months). As a result, I began to have children. Third, the number of tragic situations. Many relatives have died under mysterious circumstances.

   But, on the other hand, I gradually began to pay attention to the little things that are ours, the real world seem to be "normal." In the same model of the world, they are simply out! Example, the lack of shadows. I decided to ask my friends about what they think about it, but they did not pay any attention to it, and frankly some were sent to a psychiatrist.

   By the end of the second year, I was a bundle of nerves, harassed everything happening around. The feeling of unreality of the world is constantly growing. I decided to go to the astral plane, relaxed, etc. - And somehow woke up in the hospital.

   The next day, friends told me that I had two years in a coma. I took it kind of joke, but soon met and their supposedly dead relatives. This finally convinced me, that I was in a state of illusory reality for two years.
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