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24.07.2013, 16:08
Astral meeting
Pick up with astral entities . Naryan Prishvin.

Naryan Prishvin - CAI leading expert on the study of astral entities.

   Travel to the astral plane at times unpredictable and dangerous. The universe is populated by predatory entities. To avoid damaging collisions with macrobiotic parasites should listen to your gut. One option to avoid a direct confrontation - right pinky finger on it (but not in any way the index). Some experts recommend in the most extreme situations mantras. My favorite mantra that rescued me many times:
   Om Tat Sat (God is one)
   It should also not be limited to the earth (physical) movement, as the astral body has no physical limitations. For example, you can simply disappear (move) when you attack the negative sentiment energetic body. It is also not advisable to commit aggressive acts - you can run into a completely unexplored form of energy. Astral involves scooping a peaceful cosmic truths and forms of cognition of existence.

   Aggressive behavior. In our practice there was a tragic case of aggressive behavior in the astral plane. Anton Krutikov practiced a strict policy behavior in the astral plane. Attacking other astral beings, he, defeating them, drew their energy. In March the 92 th, I was witness to his defeat. I must say that Anton at the time was sick with the flu, and his physical body was weakened. Took advantage essence, luring him into a trap. I saw Anton's consciousness is slowly failing. In the end he managed to escape from the clutches of the enemy. Two days later, I called him at home. His family was very evasive explained to me that Anton is not all right. And I had to go to his home. When I went to his bed, I suffered a terrible sight. It was not the same strong-willed man with burning eyes. Before me lay physically and mentally ill people. A month later, his relatives had to send Anton to treatment in a psychiatric hospital. To my great sorrow, and he is still undergoing treatment.
   Therefore, following the practice, I do not recommend aggressive behavior.

   Return false. possible cases of a false return to the physical body. One of our experts in the beginning of his career, suffered the effects of a false return. Sergei Rostovtcev two years in a coma. When he came to, he told us that he lived two years in the ordinary world, with friends and family. After we explained to him that the two years he was in the hospital, he first could not believe it. But then he remembered that in his fantasy world he had never seen shadows. It was the only difference between the objective and the illusory world. In Soviet times, such things say it was not accepted. Therefore, this case does not give wide publicity. In fact illusory world - it's just a macrobiotic parasites, creating a mask of the objective world, in order to feed on your energy. In the world there is always a false detail that distinguishes the illusory world of the objective.
   Upon return from the astral, please be careful and pay attention to details, make this the world you are.
   Currently Sergei Rostovtcev one of the most experienced researchers of our center. Not for nothing they say, learn from your mistakes.

   If the battle is inevitable. If trouble does happen, and you are faced with an aggressive nastorenie astral entity should collect all his will into a fist and give a fitting rebuff, otherwise you run the risk of parting with your consciousness forever. A consciousness - it is the only thing in the universe is eternal. Take care of her!

Until next time, friends. Happy travels.
Always yours, Naryan Prishvin.

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